Clutter gone... clear canvas to create!
Clutter gone… clear canvas to create!

Clutter clogs your life. There, it really is that simple. Many of us are well aware of this, however, there is more to clutter than a messy house, car or work desk.

The amount of clutter in your external world is likely to reflect your internal world. It may contribute to why you can never get things done and chasing your tail, why there seems to be so much drama and things going wrong, why you can’t get rid of certain things, people or situations, and why nothing new and exciting seems to be flowing in to your life.

The idea of clearing clutter is to remove stagnant energy that no longer serves, to make room for and allow for the new vibrant energy to come in. Ask yourself the following:

– Do I love this?
– Do I use this?
– Does this serve me?

If the answer is no, get rid of it and move on!

This applies to physical possessions, people and situations, and even our digital world. If you find yourself saying, “I might need this one day,” “I’ve never used this,” or my favourite, “Once I lose 5 kilograms, I will wear it,” you need to get real about your life right NOW.

Firstly, you are pretty much affirming, “I may not be okay in the future, and might need this item,” or, “I don’t trust something better will come in.” Yes, you may have not used a particular item, but be at peace that your tastes may have changed, or you may have made an impulse purchase.

You may think those skinny jeans or that skimpy outfit maybe serving you as motivation to reduce weight, but every time you see these, you are really saying and re-enforcing to yourself, “I am not happy with my weight,” and living in the past view of yourself. Why not embrace and celebrate who you are in this very moment? After all, if you did reduce your weight, wouldn’t you rather purchase something that suits your current taste?

Friends and situations can be the most difficult to shift, but have the greatest impact when you really clear what no longer serves you. Creating lists like, “What is not working,” and, “How can I shift this?” can give you a clear insight on where you can step up in your own empowerment. For example, if you are the “go-to” personal for everyone’s problems which leaves you exhausted, you may have to learn to establish clear personal boundaries and get comfortable in saying “no.”

Clutter also extends to your digital environment, such as your email inbox and folders, social media followers, and even files on your computer. Get rid of anything you don’t want or need.

Be brutal, and be prepared for dramatic shifts. It maybe uncomfortable to let go of “stuff,” but you may witness a profound change in your life for the better.

I used to be a chronic “yes, people pleaser” person where I used to keep everyone else happy at the expense of my own vitality and happiness. I was always useful and accommodating, and people disrespected my time. I was constantly frustrated yet anxious because I was always worrying what others would think about me, and putting myself out all the time to please others. I was also always exhausted. This was so disempowering!

Once I set my own boundaries, saying no when I wanted to, put my own needs first and become confidently confrontational, my whole world changed! While it was initially uncomfortable because some close people and long term situations disappeared from my life, I later came to realise this was a blessing is disguise, because it allowed for new and wonderful people and situations beyond my expectations to enter my life that match who I am.

Clearing the clutter is an ongoing process as we are constantly evolving our thoughts, beliefs, ideas and interests, so it is important to create space for new to come in to match our new mental experience.
If you are ever feeling stagnant and stuck, clearing the clutter is a simple and effective way to get the juices flowing again.

Clear the Clutter!
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