I love affirmations
I love affirmations

Affirmations work… Just not in the way you think they do!

Any self-help, empowerment, positive thinking or law of attraction resource will tell you to use positive affirmations to get what you want, whether it is happiness, love, health, wealth, career or sporting success.

An affirmation is a statement of what you want, as if you already have it. It is a very powerful tool, because using the universal laws of attraction, it draws to you like a magnet, information, opportunities and people that assist with your desire, and prompting you into guided action.

Many of you may have at some point, gone on an affirmation binge, repeating a dozen times a day, phrases like:

– I have a successful and exciting career;
– I am an Olympic gold medallist;
– I am fit, vibrant and healthy;
– I am a multimillionaire;
– I am in a relationship with my perfect mate.

So why aren’t these affirmation junkies, vibrantly healthy multimillionaire Olympic gold medallists, who are in a relationship with their dream god or goddess?

The answer is… TAIL ENDERS.

Tail-enders are the “yes, buts” that FOLLOW YOUR AFFIRMATION.

“Yes, buts” either come from your internal dialogue or ‘inner voice,’ and/or even just feelings in your body. These are the real thoughts and feelings that are sitting at the subconscious level, and it is these that are being manifested into form!

If you feel at peace and excited following an affirmation, then great, you are on your way! However, if your inner voice has doubts or you feel a little anxious, you need to ask yourself “Why?”

Tail-enders are based on personal beliefs and past negative experiences outside your conscious awareness, that you may have been picked up during childhood, from family or other external sources. You may not know they are there at the conscious level, but they sit in your energy field at the subconscious level, and reflect your true beliefs. Lets repeat the above affirmations with potential tail-enders:

I have a successful and exciting career person… but I am not smart enough.
I am an Olympic gold Medallist… that is going to be almost impossible!
I am fit, vibrant and healthy… but I have never been like this.
I am a multimillionaire… yeah right, like that will ever happen.
I am in a relationship with my perfect mate… What? Ryan Gosling? In my wildest dreams!

Don’t be scared off by tail-enders. They are messages from the subconscious and offer you an opportunity to see what is really going on deep within. Remember, the conscious mind represents less than 10 per cent of what’s going on, so any clues for the remaining unknown 90 per cent is a blessing!

Take note of your inner voice or any body reactions following an affirmation.

The key is to identify an underlying theme, acknowledge it and clear it. For example, if you affirm to become a successful career person, and your tail-ender is “but I am not smart enough,” maybe you need to explore aspects like your self-confidence, and your belief that you have to be super smart to be successful.

So affirmations do work. It’s just that it works on your core belief, not necessarily the words that are spoken. The key is to align the core belief with the affirmation, but by listening to your inner voice and body reaction, you can get insights of limiting thoughts and beliefs that maybe blocking your true desire.

The REAL Affirmation
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