My body has been in the wars this past week. I’ve felt “off.” My back was as stiff as a board, I’ve had a constant pounding pressure headache, my energy has been low, my creativity blocked, and my digestion has been pretty much non existent… what!?!

Frustrating. I’ve done nothing different; I’ve been healthy, active and drinking plenty of water. But this doesn’t matter, because for whatever reason, I have become energetically stuck, energy is not flowing through me effectively, which has led to the physical symptoms I mentioned.

Of course I do suspect why this has happened in the first place, it’s to do with my emotional responses (anxiety, fear, nervousness) to some major life-choices I intend to make, but I am not going to make an affective quantum leap into new beginnings with all of this trapped “stuff” in my physical body… so it’s gotta go!

This can happen to anyone at anytime, but if left unchecked, may thwart your dreams and desires, not to mention the potential of manifesting into a serious health condition. Your body is always talking to you and your job is to listen.

So what to do? Well, anything that will get that energy moving again. In my case, I spent the long weekend:

• Left work early Friday afternoon and slept deeply for the rest of the day;
• Listened to guided meditation and chakra clearing;
• EFT on myself, describing my physical symptoms;
• Has a bath with lavender oil;
• Found a park and laid on the grass;
• Did some interval exercise (10 reps of stairs near my home);
• Daily vegetable juice;
• Spent a few hours swimming in the beach;
• Got out of the house (to see a movie);
• Did a day trip out of town; and
• Massage.

Because my body felt so depleted and tired and my head felt like it was going to explode, I would have preferred to stay at home an relax on my couch for the weekend, however, I intuitively knew being at home was part of the stuckness, so as soon as I got out (despite the headaches), I began to feel a whole lot better.

While I encourage you to go with your intuition of what to do, here are some other tips:

• Get out in nature;
• > 20 minutes of higher intensity exercise (> 65 per cent Maximum Heart Rate);
• Purify your diet;
• Clean your house, car, office etc;
• Get rid of clutter (home stuff; delete emails and computer files etc;
• Try something new;
• Meditate;
• Get a massage or some energy work;
• Take action on ideas or projects, even if it is a tiny step; and
• Go and have some fun!

Good luck!

Stuuuuuuuuck… God Dammit!!
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