Shopping in the Flow

Can shopping really transform your life on a regular basis? You betcha!

Shopping of any kind, whether it be for groceries, clothes, or even hardware supplies, is a simple act of bring ‘new’ into your life, which can be pretty god damn exciting.

You may experience a sense of achievement, fulfilment, nourishment, deservingness, or even individuality, each time you allow these new possessions to enter into your life. This is a great feeling, and important to your evolution, because as you experience this, you open up your energy fields for other types of ‘new’ to enter our lives, such as people, opportunities, and ideas, then this cycle repeats.

But there is a catch. You must also follow the ‘out with the old, in with the new’ paradigm, and for a society focused on the accumulation of material possessions, this may get tricky.

How many people do you know that have their wardrobe bursting with clothes, their kitchen cluttered with appliances, a packed shed, or for those rural folk, a back yard full of car bodies and other ‘toys’? Many of these items have not been touched for years, and probably never will.

What is the cost of keeping this stuff? Energetically speaking, stagnation, which may show up in your every day life feeling stuck and frustrated. Unused possessions often represent an emotional attachment in some way, such as a fond memory of the past, an annoyance that you have paid for something you have barely or yet to use, or a goal you have for the future (e.g. clothing you once looked great in but no longer fits).

Therefore, ask yourself, if you continue to hold on to the ‘old’, are you really experiencing the full benefits when the new comes in? This is a kin to painting a picture on a canvas that already has a painting on it. Not very appealing hey?

I am regularly clearing my clothes, possessions, and even my computer files. By following this ritual regularly, not only do I feel lighter, I become more creative. Choosing new clothes and items becomes effortless, and without fail, new people and opportunities come my way.

So I invite you to enjoy your shopping as an energetic exchange, and to clear out what no longer serves you, it’s your opportunity to regularly create from a blank canvas.

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How shopping keeps you in the flow!
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