Do you have those times where you literally have to be dragged kicking and screaming to do stuff?

I am having one of those weeks. I have stuff to do, but I just don’t want to do it. I have no motivation, no desire, and yet deep down, I know I must take immediate action, despite my inner protest.

While this shows up for everyone at some stage, this can be particularly challenging for those who are following their own goals and passions with no set timelines, including entrepreneurs, writers and artists, or even athletes. After all, it is a lot easier to get started on tasks when you have a deadline, as per a typical employment situation, than it is when you are not accountable to anyone.

I delve into the mechanics of this in another post, Getting REAL about Egoic Resistance.

There are times when you actually do need a rest and take time out, or you maybe heading down the wrong path of action, as evidenced by your intuition of something not feeling right, but then there are other times, when you KNOW that you are avoiding doing something.

The question is, why? Fear? Boredom? Not perfect? Are you afraid of the outcome? Or the action step required after taking the one you are avoiding? I have spoken to several people lately who are succeeding in developing their passion, but are afraid of taking the next step because of the overwhelm that their success might bring.

While I am a big fan of self-reflection and getting to the bottom of things, too much time spent on this can be a distraction and a form of procrastination, and can waste valuable time that could be used taking action.

The best remedy for lack of motivation, feeling stuck and procrastination is ACTION. No matter how small. Sometimes you just have to start. You need to get that energy moving, build momentum, and then the rest will follow. We’ve all had that experience when we have contemplated a training session and as we got started, the session took care of itself and we felt awesome afterwards!

Something as small as making that one phone call, writing that one sentence, or arranging that one meeting, is all that it takes to get the ball rolling again. The more unmotivated you feel, the smaller you may need to break the steps down, even if you do think this is ridiculous.

And here’s a fun fact. It only takes 20 minutes of action to create enough momentum to get you in the zone and get the ball rolling for many hours!

For those who even struggle with this, ask for support. Having someone to be accountable to, even if they are not intimately involved with your project, can offer objectivity and a different perspective and can work wonders with your action steps.

Ask yourself, which is worse, actually doing what you have to do eventually, or putting up with your critical self-talk for not doing what needs to be done?

Just keep moving! ☺

Lacking Motivation?
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