Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is indeed remarkable to accumulate, but does it really make us more powerful?

Short answer, no, at least not by itself.

The assimilation of knowledge depends on how it is processed by the consumer. It is one thing to be a human encyclopaedia, but if this knowledge cannot be put into context, or actioned, it is useless. Furthermore, if you create an attachment to knowledge, you maybe shutting off your creativity, intuition, and the ability to see the bigger picture.

For example, how often do you come across someone who seems to know everything about a particular topic, yet struggles to teach it others? Or the perfectionist who is constantly learning new things, but never takes action to apply these learnings? How about those who refuse to see anything outside the black and white of statistically significant research? Or those who follow a global leader (e.g. Anthony Robbins) and takes everything they say as the truth?

While acquiring knowlegde is wonderful and a necessary process of our personal evolution, new knowledge should always be treated as a guide in your choices.

New knowledge invites the possibility of a shift in your belief systems and perceptions, and enhances your natural gifts to shine further. Where people get stuck is they lack the ability to integrate it with their existing knowledge, and see anything presented by the authorities of the world as truth.

This is particularly evident in consumerism. How many times have we seen in the media, tid-bits of nutrition research stating that a particular vitamin supplement is good for you, or that this pharmaceutical product is great for disease prevention, without any thought of whether this is really practical or even applies to you. For one, I am particularly over being told I need to apply anti-bacterial hand gel after anything I touch!

I prefer to say discernment is power, in that way, it gives the individual freedom of choice of the best pathway for them to take. It enables an individual to connect with pre-existing knowledge, and whether this new information resonates with their belief systems, while allowing them to tap into their intuitive and creative power to explore the opportunities that this new learning may present.

I know that for myself, while I love to follow certain learning pathways or industry leaders in my area of interest, there are components that just don’t sit right for me and that is okay. It gives me the freedom to create my own learnings.

Discernment is much more juicier as it allows you to tune into your intuition, and offers freedom, creativity and learning, beyond what is possible that just taking something as truth!

Knowledge is Power?
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