Do you feel as though you are constantly chasing after a happily ever after?

Transformation is a funny thing. It’s not a one-off process where you spend a weekend at some kind of workshop and you come out a different person, then that’s it. Neither is it, “once I lose weight… or get my dream job… or become a rock star… or fall meet ‘the one’… I’ll be set for life.”

Yes, you may come out a different person following these profound experiences, however, you are then faced with a new reality, and new set of experiences, and the cycle commences again.

Your soul is constantly evolving, and seeks growth and learning, and is not designed to stay put, otherwise we start to feel stuck, stagnant and bored.

It is a good idea to go through a regular “re” routine at least a couple of times per year. Review, re-evaluate, and then release anything that is not working or no longer serving you, in order to reboot, re-invent and recreate. In other words, consciously participate in a completion phase, in order to effectively bring new into your life.

This can be as simple as writing a list of what is not working along side a list of actions to take to rectify these, or even clearing clutter (home, work etc), through to obtaining coaching on transforming limiting beliefs and behaviours.

There are more favourable times when the collective universal energy supports completion, such as at the end of the year, during winter, and for those astrology followers, during mercury retrograde, which occurs three to four times per year for a couple of weeks each time. This practice is also ideal anytime you are feeling stuck or stagnant, to assist in getting your energy moving.

Clearing out the old allows new energy to flow in with minimal resistance. For example, how exciting is the New Year with all of those new resolutions? Or during the spring when it starts to warm up? Unfortunately for many, that excitement may only last a few weeks before the old energy creeps back in and potentially blocks anything new emerging.

Completion also works best when it is intentional and you are consciously committed to the release of the old. This may be particularly challenging when releasing persistent shadow behaviours and difficult relationships, and often there is some level of upheaval and grief involved.

Change is a natural part of life so flow with it, the ‘universe’ will never bring you anything that you cannot handle, despite what your thinking mind (ego) may argue. There is always a higher purpose, so if you do encounter a challenging transformation process, know that there is something worthwhile waiting for you at the other side of the experience.

More importantly, enjoy every moment, the journey (so cliché, I know), and learn to be at peace with where you are at any given moment, because that is where the real beauty lies.

Transformation: Review, Release, Reboot, Recreate
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