Bathroom Sink Plug

Life has given me friendly reminder of what’s happening in your outer world may just well be a direct reflection of your inner world, if you choose to notice.

I am going though quite considerable change at the moment; in the past month alone, I finished up a work contract with one organisation to focus more on my own coaching business, as well as having to find a new home.

Added to that, I have been called to step up and out of my comfort zone in all areas of life, which I have progressively been doing, albeit with much resistance!

With all of this movement going on, not only have I been on an emotional roller coaster, my body has experienced nausea, a cold, congestion, muscle aches, and overall fatigue, just to name a few. However, I have just been managing this the best way I can through good nutrition, light exercise, and self-nurturing!

So there I was last Saturday, I had just come back from a lovely girly lunch, and was preparing to head to the coast for the evening, when I thought it would be a good idea to quickly clean the bathroom sink.

I was in such a rush, I pushed down the inbuilt plug too hard and it became stuck. Completely jarred. I couldn’t get it out and there was still water in the sink. I was running late, so I decided to leave it for when I got back. I needed to sort this before my Monday morning client, because what if he needed to go to the toilet!

I tried again Sunday night and I could not get it to budge. I removed a pipe underneath. As it turned out, it was blocked with mucky hair, it was disgusting. I cleared it out but still no plug movement. I grabbed a tool to knock it out, but despite half an hour of vigorous effort and frustration, still no movement.

I tried again Monday morning before my client arrived, but still no luck, and made peace with the fact it was stuck.

Then it dawned on me later that day that maybe it’s me that is blocked and the sink is just the physical representation. My body for over a week had felt out of sorts, my intuition was off, and I was unable to make contact or get a response from quite a few people during this time. At that moment, I decided to use my sink as an indicator that my body block has cleared.

The following day, I felt worse, and I struggled to even put a sentence together. I was working on a project and nothing was happening. I was scatty. My body was tired but my mind was wired, and attempted to rest up but couldn’t sleep. I went and got a massage, with the hope that some of this would start to move through, and by later that night, I felt a lot better.

I went for a light run the next morning to get movement through the body and felt great afterwards. After my run, I noticed the water from the bathroom sink had disappeared. I decided to give the sink another go, and guess what, I got the plug out relatively easily!

And what was to follow was nothing short of what I expected.

Within that following 48 hours, I received phone calls and messages from those that I had been expecting for weeks, my creativity returned, and I was finally able to get a good nights sleep.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in our head and in our own stuff, we lose touch with our intuition and looking after ourselves. Sometimes things happen, in my case, a blocked sink, to get our attention to take a step back and evaluate what’s really going on.

Of course, I could have just hired a plumber or called one of my tradie friends to come and fix my sink, but I knew this happened to get my attention, I was just too in my head to receive its message straight away.

Miraculous solutions are always available to us in any situation; sometimes we just got to look outside the square and notice.

My Blocked Sink: A Life Metaphor
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