Problem Solving

Do you get so caught up in solving problems that you find yourself with more problems to solve? All of a sudden, you feel as though your are in an endless cycle of solving a whole bunch of problems, including your own problems, job problems, business problems, other people’s problems, where the list of problems seems endless. Did I mention the word problem enough in this paragraph?

It can be easy to get caught up in such a cycle, especially when you are busy and learning new information. However, while problem solving is a necessary part of life, if you are focused too much on it, by law of attraction, the ‘universe’ gives you more problems to solve. Not only is this a distraction and may take you off track to reach your goals, this also takes your energy away from creating (e.g. solutions or innovations).

Since I have started my coaching business, I have been researching my butt off to further educate myself in my field, fine-tune my niche, and how to develop and market my business.

As you are all aware, one of the fundamental aspects that underpin any business, is telling your potential perfect customer what problems you solve. There is some truly clever marketing that delves into your subconscious with carefully crafted and strategic use of words and images, on how attract these customers, and many business owners have had great success with this formula. Through my research, I found myself subscribing to a whole bunch of websites and “experts” in various fields of expertise without even realizing. I then found myself working through all of these problems I didn’t know I had, even at times, indulging in these!

While it is always worthwhile to go through this process, I lost sight of my goals, become a little overwhelmed with all the information I was being bombarded with, and was spending way too much time solving problems, rather than focusing on moving towards my objectives.

My advice as always is to be discerning and keep an eye on the bigger picture. As humans, we have an affinity to acquire knowledge, skills, and better ourselves, however, when we set goals for ourselves, we still need to keep focused and know that anything that is not in alignment may be a potential distraction.

Are you problem solving or problem creating?
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