“The good news is that we have our freedom; the bad news is that we have our freedom.” – Jim Self (Mastering Alchemy)

Have you ever strived and reached for a point of freedom, then found yourself wondering what to do with it? Did you enjoy this space of possibility, creativity, curiosity, and allowed your inner passions and desires to follow their natural course? Or did you freak out and fill that space with more of the same of what you have already done or known?

If you fall into the latter, this is not uncommon. Even something as simple as having a couple of hours spare on a Saturday afternoon has to be be filled with SOMETHING!

While we may think we are striving or being productive, we are actually robbing ourselves on inner connectedness, and shutting off our creative and expansive selves.

Freedom means different things to different people, but ultimately leads to the same thing, the freedom to be and indulge in the real you!

It has not been until recently that I have fully understood the deeper meaning of freedom, that which represents the inner world.

I’ve always considered myself a free spirit, independent, and have lived my life up until this point, mostly the way I have wanted to live it. My career choices have been based on my passions and my work has mostly been contractor based, I have travelled quite a bit internationally, competed seriously in sport, and have lived in lovely locations.

While I managed to create everything that I wanted in my outer world, it did come interlaced within it a lot of anxiety, worry, compromise, guilt, perfectionism, and burden. At the time, I thought it was just part of the process.

What I come to learn was that I had a lot of unconscious limiting beliefs and behaviours, which eventually led to things like burnout, self-sabotage, feeling constantly depleted, disempowerment, and reduced confidence. When I did manage to create a space of freedom, I automatically filled it with old stuff, then would go through the same cycle again and again.

However, as I addressed these themes one by one, it wasn’t until clearing words like, should, obligation, guilt, and shame, I started to feel truly free. Now, not only I am left with a blank canvas with unrestricted ability to create, I have developed the ability to tune into this whenever I require creative inspiration.

When you find yourself with a black canvas, resist the temptation to fill it up with old stuff. Sit with it, enjoy the space, and let yourself be guided by your authentic self of how to fill it!

Real Freedom
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