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Is vulnerability a dirty word for you? I’m not surprised. It’s often perceived as being weak, needy, and is a little scary, definitely a place no one feels comfortable being in for too long. However, have you ever considered vulnerability to be a great strength? A gift? An opportunity to connect, learn, and evolve?

Recently, I went ice-skating with a friend, neither of us barely being able to stand up without holding onto the rails, let alone skate. We weren’t too keen to do it in the first place, because we didn’t want to look like “idiots,” and yet there we were grasping onto the rails for dear life while young kids were effortlessly skating rings around us.

But here’s the thing. We were clearly bad, along with some of the other adults who were there for their children. Enough for people on the sidelines to affectionally smile and give us some encouragement. We laughed at ourselves as we made our way around the rink. We were too worried about survival (i.e. standing without falling) to worry what others thought. We were way out of our comfort zone, and guess what? Random people came to help us. Not out of pity, but out of wanting us to enjoy and improve ourselves. In the end when we could actually do a lap without holding onto the rails, we made a whole heap of new connections, we became the ones encouraging others to keep going.

Vulnerability is a beautiful gift. It’s a feminine trait that allows us to receive. Receive assistance from others to improve ourselves. Never underestimate the power of allowing others to “give” to you. It feels good to give, just as it feels good to receive. It allows for a deeper connection between people when the give and receive exchange is flowing and unconditional.

Being vulnerable may be uncomfortable, but it is definitely a strength, because it opens you up to options and connections that you may have not previously considered. Think of a time where you have been coached, were learning a new skill, or being taught new information, would you be successful learning if you didn’t allow yourself to be vulnerable? You may feel overwhelmed in the beginning, but you really have to allow your teachers to assist in order to evolve right?

Next time you are feeling vulnerable, feel into it, and allow the assistance you need to come to you and accept it graciously. Congratualate yourself for having the courage to go outside of your comfort zone, and most importantly, enjoy yourself connecting and evolving!

The Gift in Vulnerability
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