Not sure about you guys, but my year has started out with a bang… But not quite the one I was expecting.

There’s been a feeling out there that 2015 is going to be a big year, both collectively and individually. Over the last few years, many people I know have been cleaning-house so-to-speak, meaning that they’ve been ‘forced’ through whatever scenario life chose to throw at them, to really get back to the core of their being. It’s been uncomfortable for many. Some have refused the challenge and have stayed put, only to be slapped by the universe that refusal was not an option, while others have slowly and uncomfortably made their way through their soul-dismantling process to access their true authenticity and purpose.

I’ve been through a deep transformation over the past five years. I got to a point where my life was going pretty good (according to what I thought I wanted), but I wasn’t fulfilled at a deeper level. I knew I couldn’t go on feeling like this, and I threw my arms in the air to the universe and said, ‘I surrender.’ In that moment, I made a vow to get back to the core of my being. Even though ‘the universe’ dragged me through the process kicking and screaming (I admit it – I was begrudgingly resistant), I’m finally at the point of new beginnings. The only thing is that I thought that when I arrived at this point, my life would be disneyland, but instead, it feels as though a rug has been pulled from underneath me. Then I recently realised that that was kind of the point (I’ll save that gem for another post).

The one thing we hear continuously is the only thing that is constant is CHANGE, yet many of us resist it (you can call me Queen R, as my analytical mind and my deep sensitivity had been my greatest challenge throughout this whole process). Mostly because we want to control that change to make it comfortable. But here’s the thing, it’s not up to us!

Our only job is to flow with change. Change is change, however it presents itself. Taking the perspective to flow through it allows the less comforting aspects to run its natural course, while controlling change often leads to resisting the “bad” bits, which can often get you stuck, prolonging the process.

Easier said than done right? After all, we do have an ego that likes to run the show! This is where mindfulness comes in, as it teaches us to keep in the present moment. Why is this important? Observing your environment in the present moment allows the ability to detach the thought from the emotion, therefore, giving you a choice, rather than reactive. You can still choose to ‘react’ how you always would, but you also have other options available, because the present time is your point of creation. Also, observing any discomfort can show you areas in your life where there maybe limiting behaviours and beliefs and gives you the opportunity to transform or release them. If you resist or refuse to look at them, believe me, they will come back again and again until you do.

There are many ways to experience yourself in the present moment. Here are some basics:

– Mediation.
– Creating space behind your third eye (located between the eyes) and observing the world from that space.
– Conscious circular diaphragmatic breathing (you may notice that you hold your breath quite a lot).
– Hakalau: Entering a detached state of expanded awareness. This can be done though mediation, walking in nature, or anywhere. All that is required is tuning into all of your senses. Looking, listening, feeling, smelling, and tasting.

There’s a lot going on at the moment. These basic tools will help navigate you and help your flow.

Magic in the Chaos
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