Be Bold

Don’t you just love synchronicity? It feels so juicy and exciting because in these moments, you feel a greater force beyond yourself that has conspired to bring something unexpected to you. A person, an opportunity, or just a simple sign, is enough to feel liberated enough to want to attract more.

The only problem is, that when we get busy and overwhelmed, we often don’t recognise them, because we are too in our heads figuring out how we are going to do everything. The irony is that it is during these times, we need them the most!

If you are not experiencing daily synchronicities, it means there is some ‘ordeal’ going on, meaning, you maybe out of sync with yourself, usually by overthinking or experiencing heavy emotions. Nothing five minutes quieting the mind won’t help.

As I was contemplating writing a my first novel last year, I had this nagging voice for at least six months to get started, but I had other things to stress about, like getting my business started and finding a new home. However, all of a sudden, two colleagues announced they were writing a book, then, as I commenced writing, I stumbled across an amazing writing coach, who then led me to a brilliant editor, and through another contact, have come across several self-publishing options. Excellent! Six months of resisting flowed so smoothly once I got started. Makes you wonder why you put things off for so long in the first place.

Despite the chaos that maybe going on in your life, syncronicities act as sign posts for the intentions you have made, you know, your goals and affirmations you have created. They are a very powerful tool to show whether or not you are on track. Especially if you are delving into the unknown and have no idea what the hell you are doing or where everything is going, synchronicities are little messages from the universe to let you know you are on track, and that you are in the flow.

Synchronicity for Clarity in the Chaos
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