Soul Fire

So there you are, you have just set yourself a big intention, then all of a sudden everything turns to shit…yikes!

Say you’ve intended to pursue your dream job, then not long after, your current job becomes unbearable, your workload increases, you’re work relationships become difficult, and all of these unforseen challenges arise. Why?

Whenever we set an intention, our soul, or if you prefer, your high self, pushes everything out of your life that is in the way. Yup. Your soul fire becomes activated and while it can often feel like chaos, it’s actually your souls way of aligning and supporting your intention.

However, what often happens is that we don’t feel comfortable with the chaos and upheaval we are experiencing, and we do anything to reduce the discomfort. In the case of pursuing your dream job in the example above, you may even choose to ‘ride out’ the situation until it gets better. However, this does two things; you become so focused on your current job difficulties, it just gets worse; and secondly, you actually reduce the natural flow of progression towards your new dream job. Either way, you end up stuck.

The key is awareness, and knowing that there is often some level of upheaval when we set intentions. Allowing the situations to unfold as they need to and taking action on your inner guidance is essential. Afterall, it’s all about energy, and energy likes movement, whether it is good or bad. Think of a river, where your intention is the sea. You can either flow with that river, or you may get stuck in the reeds along the way. If you find yourself stuck, find a way to flow forward again. As simple a surrender, letting go, and refocusing on the original intention is sometimes all that it takes.

Soul Fire…Supporting Your Intentions
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