Is anyone else feeling the craziness of the world right now?

As an empath (energetically sensitive to ones environment), I’ve had an intense couple of weeks. Nothing in particular has happened, but for the most part, I’ve felt great excitement, deep hopelessness, heart expansion, heart pain, longing, sadness and grief, just to name a few.

If you are up with the current universal ‘cycles’ whether seasonal, astrological, lunar/solar, or other, you may be aware that as a collective consciousness, we are going through A LOT of upheaval in preparations for major endings and new beginnings. So many of us sensitives are feeling this both individually and collectively!

If you are feeling the intensity of the world right now, the most important thing you can do is HONOUR YOUR PROCESS. You may be feeling both the ‘endings’ and ‘beginnings’, and the rollercoaster may be leaving you completely exhausted!

On an individual level, anything that is out of alignment with your ‘path’ is being bought up for learning, completion, release, and transformation, to get you ready for your new beginnings. If you are feeling the world on the collective level, you need to remain intensely present to determine what is ‘yours’. Often we react in response to other people ‘stuff’ thinking it’s our own.

Easier said than done, as I found myself last week on the other side of a half a leftover family rhubarb pie.

The most important thing – don’t judge yourself. It’s okay to feel these emotions. These emotions are just wanting to pass through. Avoid the temptation of numbing them through self-medication (alcohol, sugar etc), and if you find yourself amidst a binge, don’t make yourself wrong about it.

Think of yourself as a conduit of energy. Energy is neutral (we assign if it is good or bad) and its always flowing in and out, kind of like standing in the middle of a ring shaped donut. Where we get stuck is we attach ourselves to an energy experience for various reasons, and it remains in our energy field.

Move the energy. Practice mediation and mindfulness. This gives you a tool to experience these energies for what they are and an opportunity to master detachment and allow them to flow. Exercise will also help. For persistent heavy energies, such as frustration and anger, punching a pillow or punching bag can be a great way of moving this energy!

For the extra sensitive folk, make sure you protect your energy. Get out in nature. Avoid harsh environments (peak time at supermarkets etc). I went to a football match the other day and was sitting amongst the fans of the losing team, and I could feel nothing but frustration, anger, and disappointment, and it wasn’t even the team I barrack for!

Look after your ‘vessel’ with good nutrition and exercise. Take a magnesium salt bath or foot soak.

Despite a society that keeps banging on about ‘always being positive’ we need to honour ALL feelings, it’s normal human experience. Learning to master flowing your energy is one of the most important tools you can learn.

It’s Okay to Feel Negative Emotions!
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