We are choosing every moment of the day, whether we are consciously aware or not. Choice leads to consequence, and the quality of that choice is experienced as positive or negative. If it feels positive, you feel great and you feel sense of alignment towards your Soul purpose. If it feels negative, then there is something incongruent. The solution is simple. Make a different choice.

Easier said than done. Choices are often made or repeated from programming and beliefs that an individual is not even aware of, or are limited due to previous trauma.

The pathway to make it easier to make a different choice is responsibility. Taking ownership of the negative choice opens up the mind to new possibilities that have not been previously considered. However, in a society that vigourously promotes “positive thinking”, many ignore the negativity they experienced because there has been some judgement made about it. People don’t like to be known as “negative”, let alone take responsibility for it. However, what ends up happening is that while they are spending all of their energy ignoring the negative consequence of their choice, they limit themselves to new choices, and often make a similar choice they originally made. For example, many of you know someone who attracts the same type of work issues, no matter where they work, or the same type of romantic relationship issues with each subsequent partner.

Think of it this way…a negative consequence to a choice is a great feedback tool. You’ve heard the saying a million times, “You learn from your mistakes.” It’s the judgement we put on it (negativity/mistakes) that stops us. That’s what sets successful career people apart.

Even if certain “negative” things are showing up in your life and you have no idea why, take responsibility anyway, you will soon get consciousness about why, which will empower you to make a new choice and align with your Soul purpose.

Choice. Are you Conscious?
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