Great Stupa

A last minute visit to the Great Stupa, just down the road from my parents’ on the outskirts of Bendigo, proved to be the most productive thing I did all week.

I hadn’t been there since it had been completed, despite it having being blessed by the Dalai Lama some years ago. I used to enjoy the occasional Sunday morning meditation at the adjacent Atisha Centre.

As I drove down the long dusty dirt road entrance, I was immediately charmed by the idea of a sacred site nested within the rugged Australian bushland, and on top of the old Sandhurst Town, famous for its gold rush days.

After a quick history lesson with the tour guide, I wandered down to the adjacent temple where I used to meditate. I had the place to myself, so I grabbed a cushion and sat. The silence was deafening, and I totally immersed myself in it. The room had a beautiful peaceful energy, surrounded by shiny statues, colourful art and beautiful wooden furniture. It was an experience of pure bliss.

That one-hour visit was enough to snap me out of my repeating thought loops that had plagued me for the past few weeks and literally open up my mind.

As they say, doing something new is the doorway to inspiration and aligning with your Soul purpose. Maybe I’ll enroll in a salsa lesson this week 😉

On an end note, as I was making my way out through the visitors centre building to leave, I was attracted to the serenity of a small fountain. It was an abundance fountain! As I admired the brightly coloured gemstones being splashed by the trickling water, I noticed a struggling ladybug floating at the top. That’s my sign, I smiled as I helped it out.

Simple Act of Doing Something New
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