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It’s one thing to want to create something “new” in your life, but are you too fixated on seeing the proof?

Whether you want to achieve a particular goal, or create something entirely new, we have to start off with creating a vision in order for us to gain the motivation to take action towards its manifestation. There also has to be a sense of Soul purpose, otherwise, the results will be sketchy. The problem is, we can get a little impatient when our vision is not being seen in physical form because essentially, we don’t have ‘evidence’.

The limitation here is that our doubt is affirming that what we want may not happen, which of course manifests into a whole lot of nothing – not to mention creating a whole lot of anxiety!

Sight is the physical process that enables us to ‘see’ our third-dimensional reality, while vision is an energetic process that connects us to our intuition in our fifth-dimensional consciousness. Our intuition is connected to our higher self, our Soul purpose, and collective consciousness while what we see is physical. We need to integrate both in order to achieve our results, especially outrageous goals.

Often what we ‘see’ (or not see) is a mismatch to our vision. We may read about all the ways that our goals can’t happen, the stats, expert opinions, failures of others who have had similar goals, yet if we focused on that too much – where would that lead you? Downsize your goal? Too-hard basket? Abandon your goal?

If you focused too much on your vision and paid no attention on what you see – well, you’d get nowhere.

What you see is great feedback for your vision, and in times of ‘not see’, is what keeps your energetic process flowing in the direction of your vision. It’s the only way for you to open up to ‘illogical’ experiences that help propel you towards your goal.

As soon as you get to a place of acceptance and acknowledgment of everything around you, especially things you can’t see, you suddenly open yourself up to the infinite potential of your Soul purpose and a truly magical existence.

Sight vs. Vision – Are you Integrating Both?
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