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At Soul level, we all have a primary energy centre at which we THRIVE if we are aligned with it. Mine is Divine Power, which means that I enjoy being fit and strong, and my Soul purpose it to embrace this with everything I do, it’s how I best manifest.

While I exercise every day, for the past few years it’s mostly been low intensity. I remember feeling my most powerful in every area of my life during my days as an athlete, which is why I’ve recommenced regular high intensity and strength exercise again. I’m already feeling more aligned, despite the heavy tired legs! And because I’m also a ‘male’ soul (i.e. I’ve spent more lifetimes incarnated as a male than female, in truth, a soul is androgynous) and have a warrior archetype, this type of exercise, along with some combative exercise is perfect for me.

Take a moment to reflect what type of exercise has had you feeling abundant and aligned with who you really are, then think about when you were doing those exercises, and how it impacted other areas of your life. While I am not going to go into detail about the eight soul energy centres here, you will innately know which type of exercise energises you. As far as male and female aspects, feminine exercise tends to be more graceful, aesthetic, gentle, and flowing, while masculine exercise is more specific, intentional, building, and goal oriented. We may feel energised by one more than the other, or enjoy a combination of both.

It’s still important to have variety in your exercise routine, however, once you put more focus on the exercise that aligns with your souls divine nature, you will better reconnect with your natural flow of abundance. Given my own profile, even though I’m a conscious spiritual being, I had often wondered why yoga, thai chi, qi-gong etc never resonated with be beyond the occasional session. Everyone is different so please honour your uniqueness! Aligning with your Soul purpose is all about making affirming choices, even with exercise, so if you persist with an exercise routine that simply feels out of alignment, choose something else!

And during my interval stairs session this morning (see above clip), I was rewarded for combining my three loves – high intensity training, being outdoors and being with animals – with a sweet message at the top of the tower.



Which Exercise is Good for your Soul?
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