Jan Juc Backbeach

You can never overdo goal setting and journaling you may say…no you can’t, but does it actually get you anywhere?

Both are excellent tools if used properly. Journaling is great for getting anxious crap out of your head, while goal setting directs where to focus your energy. However, at the end of the day – it’s just another form of thinking!

Action is what gets you results. I’ve seen people who are constantly goal setting or reviewing their goals, but never take the required action to produce their desired result. Or especially in the spiritual community, journaling is a common method or purging. But ask yourself – have you taken different action?

Here’s the thing, if you are in a negative environment at your job, don’t like your career, or are in a toxic relationship, no amount of journaling or goal setting is going to change it. Action will. Different action, otherwise you’d already have your desired result. Many of us do a variation of the same action convincing ourselves it’s different. Or keep journaling because we are avoiding the action we need to take.

Maybe you do need to leave your job, find a new career, or leave your partner! Sometimes it’s an inconvenient truth with some short-term upheaval – but it will get you closer to what you want and help align with your Soul purpose.

Action, being three-dimensional in nature, produces the physical three-dimensional manifestation of your goals and desires, not ‘thinking on paper’. Thinking is fourth dimensional, which energetically, requires little effort compared to the action required to produce the required result. It’s the difference between typing your dinner ingredient list into your Evernote app and driving to the supermarket and getting them, then going home to cook.

I know many of you may use the holiday season to evaluate and set new goals and ponder your Soul purpose, but be really honest with yourself whether you have a good balance between thinking and taking action. Seeing goals is always going to take you out of your comfort zone, and if you find yourself journaling about the same themes, something needs to change.

In times when mindfulness, wellness, spirituality, and aligning with your Soul purpose are becoming more popular, remember, action is always going to be required to create our physical results!

Goal Setting & Journaling – Are You Overdoing It?
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