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Are you ready to FLIRT to get what you want?

Ooooo…I’m already sensing some resistance!

Maybe your first thoughts were romance and seduction – but flirting is much more than that.

Flirting is a playful light energy that brings about fun and connectedness. It’s an innocent, spirited, and detached way to engage with people in a light-hearted manner, and it has the ability to take the edge off an intense situation.

We flirt when we speak in front of an audience to get them engaged; we flirt when we write funny stuff on other peoples Facebook posts; we flirt when we tweet nonsensical stuff; we flirt with our friends with sarcastic banter…there are many ways we can flirt!

Flirting is a great way to tap into our natural charisma, which magnetises our vital force energy and our ability to manifest! Our Soul purpose is to experience love, joy, and abundance, and when someone flirts back – it increases the magnetism!

In times of change and transition…take advantage of the excitement of flirting to help manifest the new that you have intended for!

Flirting is Fun!
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