Max and Rabbit Hole

“Curiosity killed the cat.” There’s a reason for this!

No doubt, curiosity has most likely been a driving force behind some of your most brilliant and fulfilling creations…but ask yourself – has it also led you astray?

During 2015, I witnessed many people, both in my work and social circles, that literally became stuck and incredibly disempowered as a result of their nagging curiosity, only to witness them chasing their tail as they grasped onto a solution that was not presenting itself or a situation that became increasingly toxic.

Whether it was a breakdown of a romantic relationship, a sudden completion of a job, people dropping out of their lives, or an opportunity that vanished out of thin-air, I witnessed many of these people scramble for the “whys” and ended up in a self-defeating toxic cycle of over-analysis and victimhood.

And also for those of you who are healers or in the professional development industry, as we learn new tools – we can often become our own worse enemy’s as we quickly recognise “stuff” to work on, and are in a constant cycle of healing and recognising new stuff to “heal”.

While it’s always a good idea to overview an experience to obtain any “lessons” (I prefer to view this as ‘feedback from the environment’), sometimes things finish because it’s finished – it has run its course – that’s it! Our Soul purpose is to experience our own creative process, through NEW action, not persistently rehashing the old!

When our curiosity starts to analyse why something didn’t work out, not only are we directing our attention and clinging onto the “old” that has already moved on, we rob ourselves of using our curiosity to direct our life movement forward into infinite potential and possibilities and directing our Soul purpose.

So next time you become curious, ask yourself, is this empowered curiosity – coming from a place of love, exploration and possibility? Or disempowered curiosity – coming from a place of fear, ego and lack? Be very honest with yourself, as we can always justify the latter, but if left undisciplined, may lead you down a very long rabbit hole of frustration.

Empowered Vs Disempowered Curiosity
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