One of my favourite things to do is to help people on a mission expand their consciousness and align with their Soul purpose. Nothing gives me greater joy than to guide people into connecting to their wholeness unconditionally through providing an uplifting, stimulating and engaging space to leave them feeling a sense of limitless and inner peace.

What I seek to feel and experience is also what attracts me to particular coaches, businesses, practitioners, and social groups – its unique energy and its alignment with my vision and my Soul purpose.

When starting our own business or considering a leap into our dream career or project, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by incoming information as we search for how we are going to achieve our vision. While it is wise to do research and obtain advice, it’s easy to get caught up in the “musts” and “shoulds” from “experts” or “well-meaning” people, that we may risk taking the edge off our uniqueness and authenticity of our vision. You may not think it matters, but from an energetic perspective in relation to the law of attraction, you get back what you put out, so you may not end up with your ideal clients or not quite get to where you want to head.

I became caught up in this trap myself. A few years back, I subscribed to so many expert websites including marketing, blogging, business strategy and so forth, that I spent more time researching and strategizing than building my business! I also became disillusioned because even though some of the business models relevant to my type of business were being replicated globally with great success, it didn’t really work for me, and more so, it didn’t feel right for me. As a result, I had very little return using these strategies, lost confidence and became very frustrated. I also later realised that I wasn’t coming across as “me”, and given that my personality has attracted the bulk of my clients in the past, as well as being in the personal development industry and I attract clientele through a sense of trust and authentic connection, it’s kind of important.

So I scaled back and unsubscribed from anyone who did not resonate across all social media platforms. I’ve become better at discernment. Knowledge is useless without wisdom, and discernment filters out noise and distraction. I take assimulate from different sources and make it my own. This sounds so obvious, but honour your enthusiasm when you are starting out, you are just trying to get it right and not wanting to miss out on the latest information, but know you are often flirting with that nagging doubt in the background and there will be times where you may indulge in distraction.

Interestingly, since my work involves accessing the Soul’s blueprint to help people align with their Soul purpose, I discovered one of my primary gifts is being a visionary and game changer (a gift I had never really used), so I figured, why not practice paving my own way and make my own rules! There’s Soul purpose 🙂 I now view mistakes as feedback, not failure, then course correct as required.

Your biggest gift is being you. People are attracted to you. Be you. There are over seven billion people on the planet. There is abundance everywhere! Trust your intuition. Expand your consciousness. Narrow your focus and you will expand your awareness and that will bring in new opportunities because suddenly you are seeing things that were previously just outside of your awareness. This is your Soul purpose 😉

My Life Is My Message – Just Be You
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