Are you a passionate free thinker who feels constrained by the limitations of your environment?

Are you regularly triggered by the news or dysfunctional world events that you can no longer ignore?

Do you feel the urgency to make major changes in your life but don’t quite know what? Or are you being called towards or are reluctantly following a particular path but doubt your visions?

Are you gaining a greater awareness of yourself and feel like your Soul needs purification?

Many people are stepping into their fifth-dimensional consciousness and are experiencing a greater sense of themselves, their innate gifts, talents, mission AND their misalignments. This is both thrilling and scary at the same time, because often this new awareness does not reflect their current physical reality, and suddenly they are aware of the many illusions that have been playing out in their lives and the world at large.

So what do I mean by fifth dimensional consciousness? Well, I am specifically referring to the Soul Vibration Rate, this is where your higher-self is energetically located and where you receive intuitive information. If it sits in the 5’s, you have an awareness of yourself existing beyond the ego mind and emotions. You have an intrinsic sense that you are a Soul in a human body, rather than just knowing this in theory, and you expand your awareness beyond the physical and start to sense the world at a much deeper level, both its beauty and chaos.

It’s kinda like a “Red Pill” moment.

This starts out seeing 1’s, 11:11’s, and other fun synchronicities, followed by an insatiable interest (sometimes closet) in metaphysics concepts, such as guides, angels, life purpose, universal laws, aliens, conspiracy theories, and past lives. But then when that honeymoon period finishes, if we haven’t already, we feel called to make major changes, and depending on your “baggage” this may be relatively smooth; done with resistance; you may experience a wake-up call (e.g. an accident, an unexpected health condition, made redundant in your job, etc.); or you become downright stuck, because often, you have a vague idea where you would like to head, but have no freaking idea how to get there! OR, if you have followed your visions, you feel like a fish out of water and experience what-the-hell-am-I-doing and/or I-am-crazy moments.

What’s actually happening is that as you increase your Soul Vibration Rate, you become more aware of who you are at Soul level, you are tuning into ‘extra-sensory’ gifts that you may have ignored or suppressed, and you start to make changes to align with this. However, because higher consciousness also means more awareness of your misalignments, our Soul “baggage” is also calling for our attention louder and clearer, because in order to expand your consciousness further, this needs to be cleared/resolved/purified, otherwise life gets really uncomfortable.

Working with your Soul blueprint is one of the most powerful ways to help you make aligned choices towards your life purpose. Each Soul has its own set of unique traits and characteristics that they are naturally born to thrive in the human experience. Many people feel like “black sheep” and knowing that some of your Soul traits and characteristics are different to what is considered ‘the norm’ is very affirming, and really gives you permission to just go for it!

Attention Passionate Free Thinkers and Soul Seekers!
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