With many of you having already created your New Years intentions, I would like you to ask yourself, are they Soul or Ego inspired?

In a world where everyone is rapidly expanding their consciousness, we must consider a NEW approach.

We are all increasing our soul vibration rate and have greater awareness of who we are at Soul level, which calls for greater alignment in our intentions, choices, and actions…otherwise we could end up creating a whole lot of nothing despite great efforts, which is incredibly frustrating and deflating!

Your Soul is your infinite self that wishes to express its own creative process through you, the conduit. This is very different for everyone depending on their divine Soul Blueprint. As you become more “conscious” you may realise that many of your choices (e.g. Career, relationships, etc) no longer give you satisfaction, and you may be seeking changes that may look radically different to what you or anyone in your family have ever experienced… Don’t shy away. ?

I for one realised about 10 years ago I was “done” with healing people, only to later discover that my divine Soul Blueprint is all about power, prophecy, freedom, and influence. Nowadays, I work with people as a “catalyst” to help them align to their divine Soul Blueprint in a very powerful way.

Soul inspired desires feel expansive and limitless, allowing for your intuition to flow freely towards your choices to create results.

Ego based intentions on the other hand, often “exclude” your Souls desires and is based on what you think you want, often leading to struggle and disappointment.

For example, if your intention is for one-million dollars, the one-million dollars itself maybe an ego based intention, but what one-million dollars brings for you (e.g. Freedom to travel; Self-nourish; more time for family, etc) are Soul inspired desires.

Can you see the difference?

Of course you can include a measurable component (E.g. A $$$ amount business goal; a weight goal; a timeframe, etc) to track your progress, but by learning to embody the energetic quality of your intentions straight away (e.g. Freedom, vitality, abundance, adventure, intimacy, etc), you’ll attract your result more efficiently through more aligned choices.

Working with energetic qualities offers more flexibility in your choices along the way through regular course correction.

What often (almost always) happens is that the outcome looks very different to what you originally had in mind, but always exceeds! Because the ego only know what it knows, and if you fixate too much on an “outcome”, you limit flexibility for “something better” to show up.

2017: Soul Inspired Intentions
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