Sure, some pack a punch more than others, but essentially what you are looking for is WHAT DO YOU NEED RIGHT NOW!

Some days I need Reiki, other days I use EFT. Sometimes I need a massage. And there are times I just need to see a doctor.

(for the purpose of this article, I am going to focus on alternative therapies and personal development practices)

There are so many alternative healing and transformation modalities out there and it really depends on what the practitioners Soul level gifts are….and the client will always only receive the healing they are ready for. Further, any type of health intervention requires a holistic approach because the “healing” is only one part, the client has to apply it to their every day lives through behaviour modification and appropriate action. In other words, integrating mind, body, and Soul.

There is no magic bullet!

We already know that in western medicine, but I’m starting to see the promise of a “magic bullet” trend in alternative healing and personal development industries. I’m not discounting the great transformation potential they have…heck, the modalities I use are extremely powerful and I have had amazing results, however, when there are claims that it supersedes everything else – you gotta wonder if those behind these claims have a full understanding of how consciousness works, and how to integrate that healing into a clients every day life at the physical level.

And here’s another perspective. We are always evolving. Our Soul is always seeking new experiences and opportunities for expansion and growth. Your Soul vibration rate is always increasing (where your higher self is located – a parameter I measure in my work to get an idea of how “conscious” a client is)…so you are ALWAYS going to be on a path of expansion! Your Soul didn’t incarnate to be “comfortable”, it always seeks to experience itself in new ways through CREATION!

So while we might “heal” with the hope that life ‘gets comfortable’, we also cannot ignore our Soul’s nudges for further expansion (i.e. Soul inspired desires!) for too long and for new ways to experience ourselves, which in turn, may bring up new aspects that may require ‘cleansing’ to reach our new goals.

Expansion, change, and transformation are a constant moving target…embracing the attitude of unconditional self-love and self-acceptance is critical to experience that sense of fulfilment, bliss, and joy we all seek!

Tune in and be prescriptive with what you feel you need right now…and trust that you will be drawn towards the right person that can help you. This is why mindfulness is a great tool…this helps you become more attuned to your intuition.

And to be honest, the modality itself is not where your healing comes from, but rather, the practitioner themselves, especially when they are fully embracing their Soul gifts. For an example, one of my Soul gifts is a “restoration master”, which specialises in restoring the Soul Blueprint and general “misalignments”. That’s why I work so powerfully with the Akashic Records and work with the Soul Blueprint. And in fact, during my time as an exercise physiologist, I thrived in rehabilitation!

I’ve had clients who are also healers and coaches and they work with different modalities and do amazing work, because they have particular Soul gifts that make things like mediumship and communicating with ‘etheric beings’ effortless. Or perhaps you might not formally be a healer, but rather, you have profound gift of empathy and holding sacred space for others, and by simply listening, you create a healing effect for others.

So please don’t buy into one thing being better than the other…just tune in…and trust that you will be guided to what you need right now and that you will be led to the right person.

Is one healing modality better than the other?
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