Are you CONSCIOUS of what you are releasing in the clearing process?

Have you, when going in for a healing session, said (or thought) to your practitioner: “I know I’ve got deep anger and resentment…I just want it cleared.”

I know I have!

And yes, the level of inner self-awareness is admirable…

But have you ever wondered why the healing doesn’t “stick” beyond a few weeks or months?

It’s CONSCIOUSNESS…of how it was created in the first place.

It’s not because the healing didn’t work, it’s because you only addressed a small aspect of the ‘life cycle’ of that particular issue.

You have to become conscious of WHY that anger and resentment is there in the first place, what choices were made to create this, then…that gives you the ability to…MAKE A NEW CHOICE.

Taking NEW action (choice) in relation to that particular issue serves to COMPLETE the shift and healing. This is the essential MUST to create a new result.

There is no other way.

This is multidimensional integration – of your third (action), forth (mind), and fifth (soul) dimensional aspects that must be harmonised when shifting a pattern. This is true sustainable transformation.

Think of cleaning your backyard pool…you can “clear” the pool, but if you aren’t conscious of a small drainage leak from the neighbours property that is leaking into your pool, you will have to clean your pool again pretty soon, until you recognise the source of contamination and ask your neighbours to fix their drainage system.

There is no by-pass…more and more I see people seek more healing to deal with the same problem without the appropriate inquiry and new action…I call this phenomena “spiritual bypass” and it’s becoming an epidemic.

Sometimes your partner or boss is being a jerk…

Sometimes you grow to such an extent that you are now on a completely different wavelength than a parent or sibling…

Yes, you may hate your job…

But if you think about it, excess healing, clearing, mindset, and mindfulness practices without appropriate action becomes a coping mechanism, rather than an intentional shift to create new and more aligned circumstances for yourself.

And…if you do get consciousness of the “whys” but aren’t ready for the action (because heck…you know it involves leaving a partner, a career, moving to a new geographical location)…be okay with this as well…you can preparing for when you are ready to tackle action, then seek appropriate support.

If you have an issue you require clarity, or a situation that requires “readiness” preparation, I invite you to schedule a 15-minute chat to discuss your goals and whether my work is right for you.

Why “healing” doesn’t always work
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