Are you ready to consider an innovative approach to health and wellbeing?

This applies to ALL health conditions, from major life-threatening chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and neurological conditions, to every day ‘manageable’ conditions such as irritable-bowel syndrome and other gut related issues, fatigue related conditions, thyroid issues, chronic joint pain, etc. (this includes mental health, but will address this specifically in a future post).

Much of western medicine addresses dis-ease at the 3rd-dimensional “physical” level, and the 4th-dimensional “mental” level (and the “emotions” intersection between 3rd and 4th).

However…this only takes you so far.

At the 5th-dimensional level – which is where our Divine Soul Blueprint resides – if we have karmic patterns that are negatively affecting us… i.e. choices that we have made in our Souls timeline that NEGATE us that are still affecting us today (often unconsciously), this LIMITS our access to divine source energy, which effects our 3rd and 4th dimensional aspects, which eventually creates “dis-ease”.

In other words, unresolved karmic patterns create “leaks” in our access to divine source energy which is what ANIMATES us!

This is why addressing only the physical symptoms only goes so far without a holistic and Integrative approach.

For example, all my life I had always had bloating, flatulence, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and related stomach issues.

While I had spent much of my adult life addressing this at the physical (nutrition/exercise) and mental (affirmations/energy healing), it wasn’t until I discovered in my Soul Blueprint that I had energy ‘blocks’ at the 3rd chakra…which is all about self-esteem and goals.

Now clearing work is just one aspect of resolving this. The second part is discovering “how” it got there in the first place, then making NEW choices that ALIGN with who you are at Soul level.

For me, I traced it back to being humiliated and ridiculed for stepping into my purpose and not being accepted by loved ones for being “me”, so my choice was that it was safer to be unseen.

This lifetime, I’ve always played small and going about my work “behind-the-scenes” and doing work that was “socially acceptable”. While this initially served me, I was only getting to a certain level of success…in all aspects of my life!

Now…I’ve taken action steps to really hone in on my divine gifts (i.e. channeling) and get more visible and share my work.

Nowadays, I seldom have gut issues…to the point that I can even digest things like wheat very well – something which I had cut out for much of my adult life!

Now for many of you, this may sound like an abstract concept, but we are already seeing modalities like emotional freedom technique incorporated successfully into western medicine, enabling doctors to deal directly with the physical issue and witnessing a quicker recovery.

Addressing our 5th-dimensional “Soul” aspect is innovative and ESSENTIAL and offers a new possibility to restoring health and wellbeing in a very practical way.

If you would like a multidimensional approach to boosting your access to divine source energy, schedule a chat HERE to find out more!