Much the same as our physical body comprises of bones, muscles, and organs, our Soul is also made of facets to create form.

When we strive for wholeness – what we are really striving for is Soul purity. My work helps facilitate the purification of the Soul to help you align your choices and actions that resonate with your natural abundant flow of divine source energy to create whatever you would like to experience.

We are here, in a physical body, simply to experience ourselves through our own creative process THROUGH choices we make that create a particular consequence…no more, no less.

Now of course, the quality of that consequence may be “good” “bad” or “indifferent”, but it gives us feedback as an opportunity to course correct our choices and actions to create a more desirable result.

And to be honest, given the societal views of what good and bad “mean”, you may prefer to consider your choices as “affirming” or “negating” you…because this is different for everyone, depending on your Soul blueprint profile.

However, many of us at Soul level have ‘been around the block’ a few times (i.e. had many past life incarnations) and have accumulated negative karmic patterns (i.e. choices that take us away from our Souls divine nature) that limit our ability to access our own Soul purity and become aware of the choices available to us to align to our abundant divine nature.

Today, I am going to touch on Soul Facets.

Did you know that our Soul comprises of many individual energetic facets of vibrational substance?

Many of you may have heard phrases like “the Soul is eternal” or “the Soul never dies”, but this is not necessary the case.

We can lose Soul facets which “splinter” in extreme situations of trauma, victimisation and emotionality, such as ongoing rape and sexual abuse, physical abuse, or living in violence (war, genocide, etc). It’s not something we consciously do, but rather, a way the Soul “copes” with the experience.

Under these same circumstances, we can take on other peoples Soul facets that splinter, these are obviously those whom we experience this trauma situation with.

Either scenario limits our ability to access full divine source energy because our Soul cannot integrate properly into our human body. Having Soul loss is kind of like an amputation at the physical level, it literally limits your functionality in a significant way. Having Soul added is like having extra parts that don’t make sense.

Many people do show up with a small percentage of Soul loss or added, because if you consider the timeline of a Soul, and what has taken place in history over hundreds, even thousands of years, most have likely to have experienced extreme trauma at some point.

A mild discrepancy may show up day-to-day as:

• Imbalances in the body, such as a persistent ailments (e.g. endocrine system, hormonal, weight issues, fluctuating emotions, etc.).

• Physical conditions.

• Confusion about your purpose because you are either missing information about yourself (Soul loss) or have extra information that leads to inconsistent choices (Soul added).

• Troubles manifesting goals.

• Intuition does not function as well.

• An unexplained sense of incompleteness.

Moderate Soul loss or added shows up as some form of disruption in human functionality, including conditions such as Autism, and extreme mental and physical health conditions.

This is why my work has had such a positive result with children with Autism, most notably, calmer behaviour and increased verbal communication.

And in fact, if a Soul continues to experience extreme trauma lifetime after lifetime, and loses more than 50 per cent of its Soul facets, the energetic integrity of the Soul may disintegrate and the Soul ceases to exist as an individuated unit.

Those who have completed the Soul restoration process experience an immediate inflow of divine source energy. However, it does take a few months for the body to re-calibrate itself to feel the full benefit. Much like the Soul of a newborn baby takes approximately 8 weeks to fully integrate into the body – many of you may have experienced that moment when you looked into your baby’s eyes and knew they were “in there” – the same applies for the Soul restoration process.

The idea of Soul facets may seem like an abstract concept, however, those who have experienced the restoration process have experienced a profound improvement in their health and well-being that ‘mind-body-only’ based interventions were unable to achieve.

The Soul restoration process works with our 5th-dimensional ‘Soul’ aspect, which positively affects our mind (4th-dimensional) and body (3rd-dimensional) aspects, further highlighting a multidimensional approach to healing and personal development.

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Soul Purification – What are Soul Facets?