Empowered mastery isn’t about getting zenned out and escaping from the world to connect to your inner wisdom and soul urge. That’s old school, and an outdated model to “spirituality”.

Gone are the days where you have to escape to the mountains to have a spiritual experience…we can have them at ANY GIVEN MOMENT!

Why? Because we now have the consciousness to do so…and yet many people on the planet still do spirituality the old way. Kind of like using a shovel to build a dam when you have a bulldozer available to you. This is why my multidimensional approach to my work is so unique!

Empowered mastery is knowing ALL of you – the good, the bad, and the ugly, and taking responsibility as the POWERFUL CREATOR of your reality, and the willingness to own and let go of the baggage that is holding you back.

Empowered mastery is that liberating experience of radical self-love and acceptance, and being OKAY with every choice you make, whether successful or a downright flop – but knowing you have the power to flip your failures without falling down the path of victimhood by making a new choice.

It’s that unapologetic self-expression, where you feel free to express yourself authentically, no matter where or who you are around.

So, what is the pathway to empowered mastery?

– Insatiable thirst to know thyself.
– Full commitment to your goals.
– Accept responsibility for everything you create.
– The willingness to let go of the stories, wounds, and limiting beliefs that you have been holding on to (this is what trips most people).
– Committed to get out of your comfort zone, not just ONCE, but consistently for at least 1 to 3 months to reach and stabilise into your new energetically state.
– Willing to OWN your shadow aspects along the way and ACCEPT them unconditionally.

Self-determination BEGETS empowered mastery.

Claiming ownership of responsibility is essential to any success – knowing your strengths AND limitations UNCONDITIONALLY and taking inspired action.

In a world where “instant manifestation” is being widely perpetuated, and with many people having conscious access to their upper ‘spiritual’ dimensions where it is dreamy, easy, and instant states of bliss, we must ground ourselves back to reality. We must respect the constraints of our third-dimensional reality, meaning that attaining goals takes effort and time…and understanding your unique process makes this a whole lot easier!

What Exactly Does Empowered Mastery Mean?