One of the wonderful aspects of 5th-dimensional consciousness is that it contains INFORMATION.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my multi-dimensional approach to transformation, I define our 3rd-dimensional aspect as our “physical” and where action takes place to create results; our 4th-dimensional aspect as our “mind”, where our ego resides (our emotions sit between our 3rd and 4th dimensional aspects); and our 5th-dimensional aspect (and beyond) is our “spiritual” self.

But in order to create the results we want – which is why we embarked on our inner-journey in the first place – we must INTEGRATE these dimensional aspects – in other words, there must be congruence across mind, body, and spirit!

So what does integration even mean?

In the context of healing and transformation work, it is commonly referred to as allowing the clearing and inner work (thoughts, emotions) to penetrate to allow you to settle into a new vibrational state.

However, this is missing one vital component. NEW ACTION. New action that aligns with your divine self-expression.

While during my initial consult, I reveal your Soul Vibration Rate, which is essentially how “conscious” you are, I have clients who go into spiritual achievement mode and want this checked in follow up session to check their “progress”. I have also come across this line of thinking often during my professional training and in the spiritual groups I have been a part of…however…what I am also finding is that many of these people feel stuck and not creating the results they want.

They aren’t creating the abundance they want and are often undercharging.

They are qualified in many modalities, yet, have not made a single dollar from their skills and are struggling financially. In fact, many are stuck in the realm of “student”.

Are playing small because they are afraid of ridicule from others about their gifts and aspirations.

What has happened is that they have gone Gung-ho and dived deeply into their spiritual journey, that their rate of “clearing crap” has been greater than making real-life physical changes, and this gap has become so great, there is a major misalignment and disconnect between their Soul urge – mind – emotions – and action.

I’ve been there so I can speak from experience!

And it’s an easy trap to fall into…because once our SVR becomes 5th-dimensional in nature, we develop an insatiable thirst for metaphysical information and become blissed out on healing and inner transformation experiences, we forget to “live life”.

In fact, we are seeing a phenomena where many seekers are finding themselves stuck and feel like they are chasing their tail.

I found myself in this stuck place accidentally…because I never understood the role of “action” in conjunction with the inner-work I was doing. I remember early on kept being told to “integrate”, I even asked what this meant on several occasions and was told “just sit with it”, as if life would magically appear before my eyes once the clearing work was done…but I learnt the hard way. Yes, I was taking action, but the new action wasn’t proportional to the clearing work I was doing – and I was creating screwy results. I had to really step out of my comfort zone and own and share my gifts in a much bigger way!

Consciousness is a doubled-edged sword. With power comes responsibility. Many want the power (of being more ‘enlightened’), but not necessarily the responsibility (of living as a fully self-expressed divine being). That’s why we cannot rush this process. Self-mastery is a life long journey.

It’s funny, sometimes during my sessions with clients, where I tell them who they are at Soul level, I can almost see them cringe in their seats as I share their divine gifts…it’s like “uh-oh”. They’ve come to me to discover their divine gifts and clear their karmic patterns, but are then met with what they perceive as an inconvenient truth. “Oh shit, am I really designed to be a leader and speak up in front of people….eeeek!”

But this is a liberating thing! Your Soul is urging you to access your truth, and by accessing your truth, you are empowered to take the appropriate and aligned actions to experience yourself and your own creative process IN full self-expression to live a fulfilling life.

New action is always required to create new results and will always take you out of your comfort zone. There is no spiritual-bypass. And dissonance – the discomfort you experience as you transition from your old vibrational state to your new vibrational state, which accompanies all change – is a poorly understood mechanism in the spiritual, transformation, and personal development communities.

If you are feeling stuck, have a look at what actions you aren’t taking that you need to take, especially the ones that take you out of your comfort zone.

As you become more conscious of your divine nature…you MUST step into this role…otherwise, you will find yourself stuck and you will create very little results. If this is something that frightens you, get support! But support that makes you accountable to your actions, because it’s through action that you create results.

You cannot undo consciousness!

And more importantly – love and honour where you are at RIGHT NOW. Life is not a race, and being more conscious is not “better”, that’s an ego thing. Take the necessary action you need to balance your life RIGHT NOW.

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Is your inner journey leaving you STUCK?