Are you confused about this idea of how to “be of service” to the world?

If you are like me, you have probably spend YEARS reading and applying ideas from business and transformation leaders of how to be a better “You”, have a thriving career, an amazing family life, or how to create a thriving business…

But ask yourself…has this worked for you? Have you experienced the success you set out for?

Or has it been mixed results?

Or have you ended up MORE confused?

I was definitely the LATTER…

While I sought out the best in the business for my professional training and how to grow my business…I was producing NO results and ended up getting myself into a financial hot-mess because I had put everything on the line…

As a result, I became incredibly frustrated, because and I had taken so much action and I knew I had the gifts …just ask any of my close friends over the past few years!

I was applying business marketing techniques and strategies that were “stock standard” in my industry that were producing unprecedented success for others, and I started losing confidence in my gifts because I wasn’t producing the results given the effort I had been putting in.

However…what I later realised was that I was doing it all wrong.

I was targeting the wrong clients…

I was applying the wrong marketing strategies…

I didn’t have the right “service” offerings…

For “Me”.

My actions were grossly misaligned…and to be honest, many of the ‘common practices’ actions I took didn’t feel right, but hey, I was a student of the business world in my current work, and I was determined to make this work.

One of the things we constantly hear in Leadership and Personal Development messaging is that you are defined by what you do for “others” and that you must be “of service” to others in order to be successful.

I disagree.

Actually, I retract that…because that is not entirely true…but I would like you to consider another perspective on this…

We are not Spiritual (or Ego) Puppets. And we don’t owe anyone anything…


We are all designed to experience ourselves DIFFERENTLY… and that of course involves other people.

That’s where the Soul Manifesting Blueprint comes in.

Because the Soul Manifesting Blueprint is our unique roadmap of HOW our Soul is designed to interact with other people, our environment, and experience our brilliance, which is reflected out to the world.

And this is different for everyone!

Some of us are designed to experience themselves from the ‘outside-in’ while others are designed to experience themselves “inside-out’.

Meaning, that some people feel great about themselves because they see the wonderful results they create in their external world… while others feel good about themselves when they witness their own brilliance in-the-moment, and by ‘inwardly’ feeling brilliant – by default, produce amazing results in the external world.

The former does well with interaction…the latter, the internal experience is more important – but BOTH produce the same brilliant result, they just go about it in a different way.
There are plenty of Happy Hermits out there making a big impact on the world. Just look at some artists who create beautiful pieces or art or music in the privacy of their own space that reaches the masses and make many people happy!

And this Internal/External component is just ONE aspect of the Soul Manifesting Blueprint.

So going back to my experience, my Soul Manifesting Blueprint is pretty much the opposite of many of the “common practices” I was following… which is why I wasn’t producing my desired results in an efficient way.

So in short…many of the “best practices” or “manifesting principles” you hear about are valid…but apply to half of the population depending on which end of the Soul Manifesting Blueprint you swing…

The task is knowing which one 😉

Is your inner work giving you Clarity or Confusion?
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