What is Spirituality to you? Do you embrace this term? Is it something you tune into when times get tough? Or do you smack it down to the ground because it’s for ‘lost souls’ or simply see it as religious dogma or a bunch of new age fluff?

What if you were adjust your perspective of this word by understanding it’s mechanics from a new standpoint – its multidimensional functionality – so that you may embrace and integrate this word into your everyday experience rather than something outside of yourself?

We are all spiritual. Why not come to accept and integrate this powerful and infinitely wise part of yourself?

Gone are the days that we need to escape to the mountains, take a meditation retreat, be initiated into a tribe, or see a ‘Guru’ to have a “spiritual experience”. We have more consciousness now than ever before, allowing us to tap into our spiritual selves in any given moment.

What do I mean by this?

We have 10 dimensions of existence, yet most people only have an understanding of our 3rd and 4th-dimensional aspect.

Our 3rd-dimensional aspect is our physical bodies and where we take ACTION. Our 4th-dimensional aspect is the level of mind and ego, and where thinking takes place. Our 5th-10th-dimensional aspects is our ‘spiritual-self’ – where we tap into our Soul qualities, and in fact, our Soul blueprint resides within our 5th-dimensional aspect, which contains all information about our Soul from its moment of origination. Think of your 5th-dimensional aspect as the energetic version of the Internet. It’s by no coincidence that the Internet initiated “The Information Age”.

One of the measures I gather in my work is the Soul Vibration Rate (SVR), the level of “consciousness” you have and where you are receiving most of your intuitive information from.

Most of my clients have SVR’s in the 5’s, meaning that their higher-self is energetically tapping into their 5th-dimensional aspect. This is where we realise that we are more than just our thoughts and emotions, and that there is a greater part of ourselves. If you are reading this article, more than likely you are in the 5’s. Those with SVR’s in the 4’s simply don’t have an awareness of their spiritual self and often dismiss “spiritual” information because they don’t yet have this experience of themselves, and they are simply not interested. This is fine. No judgment! Higher SVR’s are not better. It’s simply a different experience, like age!

However, what I am seeing more and more are those becoming more aware of their spiritual selves rejecting or being in-the-closet about it because they simply don’t understand it. Often because of stereotypes of what “spiritual” means as a collective.

So what if you were to reframe spirituality to “consciousness”, and use this frame of reference to get an understanding of how much access you have of your Soul self, as PART OF YOU rather than something separate you tune into as needed?

As we access more and more of our 5th-dimensional aspect, we are receiving information about our Soul gifts and purpose (most notably, our intuitive and psychic abilities), ancient memories, as well as unexplainable/irrational fears and programming, which are essentially unresolved karmic patterns.

Yet many people become freaked out, because sometimes it can look a lot different to how they have been operating for much of their lives, and the ‘awakening’ often looks like ‘the-dark-night-of-the-soul’ where nothing makes sense. While some people embrace this – often reluctantly – many people shut this down by ignoring it or getting “busy” to distract themselves. The problem is that it doesn’t go away, and those who do act, often turn to the same tools with no success.

“You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it,” – Einstein

For example, we are still trying to solve depression, anxiety, and many other health conditions at the 3rd and 4th dimensional level, by doing more of the same thing (e.g. medication) or different versions of the same thing (e.g. new types of medication), when we need to include our 5th-dimensional aspect, which many energy healing modalities help with (and are largely rejected because they are simply misunderstood).

I invite you consider a multi-dimensional approach to your personal evolution and take the attitude of an open mind of what possibilities may be created, simply by choosing to embrace your spiritual self in a whole new different way!

Reframing the word, “Spiritual”