Becoming “more consciousness” underpins the New-Age spiritual movement, but are we better off?

“Ascension” is the big theme many of you have read and indulged in recent times, and as a collective, it has been enlightening and necessary for human evolution. But now that many people are more connected to their spiritual or ‘soul’ selves than ever before and have settled into their new-found awareness as a spiritual being, we must now ask ourselves…have we REALLY created that much of a difference in our lives that reflects this new level of self-awareness?

“Old” spirituality – which I will define here as before we started developing 5th-dimensional consciousness (that realisation that there is a greater aspect of ourselves and that we are more than just our thoughts and emotions) – was all about soothing and escapism. It’s when we went to church, to a retreat or holiday, or a weekend nature escape – with the primary intention to check-out from our ‘normal lives’. And it was necessary, because we do need to switch-off and rejuvenate in order to operate at our best.

However, nowadays, we don’t need to wait for the the weekends or for our annual leave to ‘get away from it all’, because we now have the consciousness and tools available to ‘escape’ and ‘soothe’ whenever we want! We have mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, breathing techniques, all of which can be done in an instant with immediate affects, as well as a smorgasbord of energy healing services and alternative therapies for more pronounced affect…many of these services being offered online and can be accessed relatively instantly, and from anywhere in the world as long as you have a WiFi connection!

HOWEVER, while this is wonderful, you must ask yourself – are you overindulging?

These tools serve to empower you to help ‘open the doors’ to create the results you want in your life, however, the big question that makes this work is…are you applying this through ACTION?

And I am not talking once-off action. I am talking REPEATED CONSISTENT FOCUSED ACTION, as you would if you were following a nutrition/exercise program for weight loss or training for a sporting event.

What I am seeing more and more is self-help turning into shelf-help and many people are becoming MORE disempowered because their physical reality doesn’t reflect their level of consciousness because they haven’t taken the appropriate action to create their new reality.

There’s also this misconception that if you become ‘spiritual’, do the inner work, or read a few books on law of attraction, you will effortlessly get what you want, and there’s this spiritual entitlement attitude that seems to be becoming more prevalent that things ‘should’ show up easily for doing the inner work and for being a ‘good spiritual human.’

Regardless of your level of consciousness, EFFORT is still required to create results in your life, and getting out of your comfort zone to create NEW results.

Dis-comfort is required for any change! Anyone you has trained for a sporting event or has had a job promotion would know. We cannot by-pass this discomfort. Not only is effort required, egoic-resistance is a mechanism that is hard-wired into our human psyche and we must learn to manage, yet, with so many new-age tools available to us at any given moment…many people draw upon these tools when the going gets tough INSTEAD OF TAKING ACTION! They will get a healing, go and meditate, tap (EFT), go to a Yoga class…to…ESCAPE and SOOTHE!

It really is the updated version of disassociation and numbing, that in the past, may have been achieved through excess alcohol, drugs, over-exercising, busyness, etc., except new-age practices seem more ‘acceptable’.

And this is the WORST thing you can do, because while you think you are “clearing”, you are actually telling your subconscious that you will be stopped by discomfort, which makes it harder next time you attempt to take the action you need to take to create the result you want.

It’s a very fine line when to know if you need a rest versus taking appropriate action to create your desired results, and it takes discipline and focus to recognise it.

I’m seeing this more and more, especially those who have been on the consciousness path for a while, and these people are becoming stuck in this cycle. Gifted people who a) don’t charge for their services or put their products up for sale, or b) struggling with their business because they don’t want to put themselves ‘out there’ for fear of rejection. People staying in romantic relationships or maintaining family dynamics at the expense of their own self-expression. Justifying staying in a job or career that gives them no satisfaction, or perhaps avoiding stepping into a level of self-expression that may see them as ‘unpopular’ with their current circles…many believing that enough positive psychology, affirmations, or energy clearing will make their situations more tolerable.

It won’t. And in fact, I am witness a level of sanitising through excess new age practices that are flatlining ALL emotions, good and bad, and people losing touch with their inner passions rather than being fuelled by them!

If you are performing more than 15 minutes a day on affirmations, mindfulness, mindset, journaling, or any new-age practices, or getting multiple energy clearing sessions per week over a long period of time, there is something out of balance!

If you change your actions to reflect your divine Soul’s divine nature or ‘Soul urge’, there is NO NEED for ongoing soothing and escapism because you are in energetic resonance and flow, and self-nurture becomes something as a result of recovering from your actions, not a form of escapism.

So ask yourself…Am I overindulging in new-age practices? Is there something I am not taking action or responsibility for that I know will make my life a lot easier and fulfilling in the long run, even though the short-term might get a little messy for a while?

One of the ‘downsides’ of higher consciousness rates, is that you must become MORE congruent with everything you do, otherwise, you create stuckness. No longer do you have the luxury to ‘ignore’ or ‘overlook’ things in your life that aren’t working…one of the paradoxes of 5th-dimensional consciousness!

If you would like to develop a level of self-mastery of your Soul blueprint by creating congruency between Soul, mind, and action, and learn how to manage the ego resistance phase that accompanies ALL change, please check out my SERVICES.

New-Age Spirituality…are we repeating the same patterns?
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