Higher consciousness really needs to come with a warning label.

With more people accessing their 5th-dimensional “Soul” aspect, and many have been developing this over many years, we are starting to see the dysfunctional or “Shadow” aspect of consciousness play out, and it’s not pretty.

More than ever before, we are witnessing an influx of spiritual seekers, people curious about metaphysics, universal laws and the presence etheric beings (i.e. guides, angels, etc.), as well as people deep diving into conspiracy theories and alternative news.

In fact, there is a boom of people studying practices such as energy healing, psychic development, astrology, and various forms of life coaching – as well as the emergence of citizen journalists who are deep diving into human history to uncover/support and join the dots of many long pertaining conspiracy theories, global anomalies, and societal paradigms that just seem ‘off.

This is all very congruent with 5th-dimensional consciousness. Our 5th-dimensional aspect (and beyond) is our ‘spiritual-self’ and is all about INFORMATION…about ourselves as a Soul and how the world ‘works’. We become fascinated and insatiably curious of our own divine nature and how this is reflected out to the world. We realise we are more than just our thoughts and feelings, and there is some type of unique path or purpose that is congruent to us.


Now that many people who have been playing in their 5th-dimensional aspect for quite a number of years have settled in to “higher consciousness”, what is becoming increasingly apparent in this space is that there is a poor understanding of 3 things:

1. Integrating multi-dimensional consciousness.
2. The mechanics of dissonance, that accompanies ALL change and transformation.
3. The role of polarity, a universal law.

More and more, I am witnessing a lot of these people who are stuck and very ungrounded.

While they may engage in spiritual practices and on the outside, appear ’evolved’, their physical life is often a hot mess. They are often broke and struggle to get by or are dependant on another in some way financially, interacting with others without the same level of perceptive awareness becomes a challenge, and often struggle to “do” everyday living like being in crowds (e.g. at a shopping centre) and may become reclusive.

Many have studied numerous modalities but are either not practicing these professionally or are barely making a living because they have this fantastical idea that “clients will come because I intended it” and/or “I’ve put it out to the universe”, or “I’ve cleared my money blocks”, without doing the leg-work (i.e. marketing, advertising, creating systems, etc.) that comes with running any business.

Many are staying in jobs, careers, and relationships they don’t like but ‘tolerate’ because they have the tools to “neutralise” or “clear” how they feel.

In fact, many have become very disempowered (although many don’t realise it) because they are too busy going to the next retreat, looking for that new expert to follow, learning a new modality, or get an energy healing, when things get uncomfortable…INSTEAD of taking action.

The thing about New Age tools is that they are so effective, that we have the capacity to do mindfulness, etc. in a way that we are can be perfectly happy to live under a bridge…but is this living our divine self-expression? No, of course not.

What many people seem to overlook is that with higher consciousness comes power, and with power comes RESPONSIBILITY…and that includes ALIGNING with your divine nature.

So many people have it wrong. Many people focus on mindset (our 4th-dimensional aspect) and spiritual (5th-dimensional aspect), but do not take the necessary action (3rd-dimensional aspect) to create the result. And while so many people are trying to increase their vibrational state through mindset and clearing work, it’s ACTION that creates the biggest vibrational shift. Therefore, you must integrate all three dimensional aspects. It doesn’t work any other way.

On top of this, to reach a new vibrational state, you HAVE to take new action which requires you to get out of your comfort zone, otherwise you would already have your result. THIS CANNOT BE BY-PASSED. Why so many seekers get stuck is that they think clearing work or mindset practices will get rid of the discomfort…then they get stuck in this cycle of clearing, meditation, mindset and mindfulness routines every time the going gets tough, instead of ‘facing the fear and doing it anyway’ attitude. Egoic resistance is a very real yet poorly understood mechanism and learning strategies of taking appropriate action through this stage is essential to transformation.

And the “more conscious” you are, the more congruent you MUST be with your divine self-expression. In my work, I measure your Soul Vibration Rate (SVR) which is your level of your own ‘spiritual’ awareness, and the higher this is, the more congruent you must be across your multi-dimensional aspect. What I am seeing with people with higher SVR’s is that they have ‘evolved’ their 5th-dimensional SVR aspect without taking the necessary actions in their physical lives to match it, which has created a large disparity and has got them stuck and often feeling worse than they did when they started their New Age journey!

Consciousness is not something to be rushed, and a higher SVR is not better! In fact, your SVR stalls at a certain spot if you are too incongruent across your multi-dimensional aspects and haven’t created the necessary results at the physical level to match your new level of awareness. It can leave you feeling like you are running the hamster wheel.

And as far as polarity, we must learn to embrace our shadow and dysfunctional aspect in our own creative process instead of ignoring them, suppressing them, or clearing them without understanding why these exist in the first place, which so many New Age practices seem to be doing.

And quite frankly…there are a lot of “conscious” people who are judgmental and even resentful of others they perceive as “less evolved”, “less qualified” or “less experienced” because they charge more, make more money, have a higher profile, or are seen as more ‘expert’, when really, those people took the appropriate action and backed themselves.

It comes down to this. Many people want the power, but not the responsibly. They are happy to portray being “evolved” or “spiritual” or “high conscious”, but aren’t really prepared to put themselves out there in a way that is necessary to create the results that match their level of consciousness. Often people come up with many silly reasons why its okay to justify where they are:

“I am where I am meant to be.”

“It wasn’t meant to be.”

“It happened for a reason.”

“Money is not important.”

“We don’t need desires.”

This is B.S. And these are well perpetuated ideas and seemingly acceptable excuses as to why things haven’t worked out.

Don’t worry, I’ve dabbled in this type of thinking, and we often do so when we are not creating the results we want and have no idea how to course correct. But if you can be honest with yourself about these types of thoughts, feeling, and attitudes – which by the way, are also splashed across social media on the daily basis! – you will learn to get out of your own way and help tune into the necessary discipline to focus on the actions required to achieve your goals.

CAUTION: Cannot. Undo. Consciousness.