Make no mistake, there is a lot of global chaos across all walks of life unfolding at the moment, and it’s hard to avoid without checking out completely or becoming irresponsibly ignorant.

In contrast, there is also an abundance of new information available to us by-the-minute that helps us understand more about our own purpose and global evolution. It’s at warp speed!

This sheer volume and speed is sending many people into overwhelm, anxiety, and fatigue, and is messing with their ability to keep focused on what’s really important to them and their personal mission.

What if there was a way to overcome this?

How do we find that fine line of being responsibly informed while living a life of creative bliss?

Much like when you have flown commercial and had to experience the ascent through the clouds to get to that sweet spot above the turbulence, much is the same with this idea of ‘higher consciousness’, a destination many are oh-so-ready to find…but does it really mean that you have to become “more evolved” to have this experience? Or is it simply a matter of focus, discipline, and perspective?

Love, wisdom and harmony are universal forces that are abundant to ALL of us. It’s our choice – AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT – whether we CHOOSE to tap into this or not.

But why wouldn’t we?

After all, we all know that what we focus our attention on grows?

Because we are afraid to let go…of something beyond ourselves.

On some level, we think all this information we consume is important. But is it? Is it even true? Or relevant to you? How much of it is junk, noise or distraction?

What if we – our inner-being or ‘higher-self’ – already knows what is right for us?

Many are afraid to let go to a force our intellectual mind doesn’t understand – no matter how yummy it seems…and this force exists both within us and outside of us.

Funnily, it’s not always the external force we are afraid of – which come in the form of signs, synchronicity, ‘luck’ and opportunity, but rather, the inner force that comes from intuition, desires, and a deep sense of knowingness…so different to what we have experienced, that we question it and doubt its efficacy.

We are so deeply conditioned to always ask for physical “proof”, that we often turn against our inner guidance system and do a number on ourselves in the form of confusion, inner conflict and getting ourselves stuck, in one or more areas of our life.

When we start operating from 5th-dimensional consciousness – the aspect of our consciousness evolution where we realise that we are more than just our thoughts and feelings, and we start tapping into our spiritual selves – we have to learn how to experience ourselves in a new way. This includes surrendering to our extra-sensory gifts that go beyond time and space. This is meant to be an exciting and adventurous experience as we delve deeper into our divine nature and explore our Soul-level gifts, but for many…it creates fear, anxiety, denial, and suppression.

And for some, this may have started as early as childhood. As kids, we innately live life carefree with awe and wonder, and we consider our experiences as normal that “everyone experiences” until we get to an age that we realise not everyone has your gifts.

I remember in primary school, I used to dream about the maths answers for the following days class. During the start of high school in a geography class, I was weeks ahead of everyone else because I just ‘knew’ the answers. I didn’t realise until recent years that it was because I was automatic writing.

However, I shut this down pretty quickly because I was getting the reputation of being the ‘smart kid’ and I wanted to blend in with everyone else (the school I went to was a bit rough – many bullies!). Well, at least until my gifts started to push through like a volcano in my late 20’s – which I ignored and suppressed as best I could – until I burnt out a few years later and had no option to surrender and see where they led me.

What kept me in denial in my late 20’s was having an overly analytical-mind and a science background that always needed “proof”, not to mention that many of my peers, colleagues, and friends, come from similar backgrounds which involked a deep fear of judgment, especially during a time when New Age and metaphysical concepts where not as well received as they are now.

So what did I learn from this? Detachment and trust. In myself. And while this wasn’t easy at first, because many people and situations dropped out from my life that weren’t supporting my personal mission, the liberation and freedom from living my personal truth was well worth it.

Getting ‘above the turbulence’ has less to do with how “conscious” you are than how much detachment and faith you have in yourself. Anyone can access this. I did not have the consciousness as a child than I do now, yet I trusted my extrasensory gifts back then?

Surrender is accepting what it, seen and unseen.

Surrender to your inner-being and higher-self that is tuned into the bigger picture that your analytical mind cannot yet comprehend. And having faith that you are being led the right way, even though at times you might feel like you are walking in the dark.

Think of the many wild animals that are so tuned in to the Earths energies that they “know” when a storm is coming, and take actions accordingly. We have this ability, if only we surrender and trust.

Surrendering to this inner force connects you to these higher frequency energies of divine love, wisdom, and harmony way beyond what the emotion of love or the intellectual mind can fathom. Connecting to this force gives you – no matter what is going on in your personal life or what is happening globally – that ‘calm above the turbulence’ feeling that only you can create.

Suddenly, the stuff you don’t need falls away, because you know that you will receive the right information, people, and situations when needed.

There is a lot going on globally at the moment and 2019 promises to be a year of major revelations that are going to forever change they way we view life.

Tuning ourselves into this force of love, wisdom and harmony helps us keep centred, optimistic, and in our rightfully high-vibe state that allows us to pursue our purpose and use our gifts and talents to their full potential, because ultimately, you innately know this is our natural state of being.

Find ways to re-establish that child-like sense of awe and wonder, and don’t be afraid to explore the unknown.

Choosing life as a creative playground is a lot more funner!

Above the Turbulence – Embracing STILLNESS