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I recently came across Promise or Pay, an organisation that invites you to declare publically a promise that you may have been procrastinating on, by putting a nominated amount of money on the line. You are held accountable by your supporters who also pledge money, and if you succeed, the money pledged by your supporters is donated to your nominated charity, if not, well, you pay.

What a great win-win initiative to motivate people into action, not to mention the benefits to charity.

Nothing creates results in your life quicker than taking action. We all know this, but we don’t often apply this when wanting to create NEW results, because guess what, we have to take NEW action.

Check in: Are you still smiling? ☺

If you have kept up with my blog, you know I bang on about this. What stops a lot of people is that new action ALWAYS requires us to step out of our comfort zone in some way – the level of discomfort proportional to the up level – otherwise, we would already have our desired result right?

This is important. When we take NEW action, we are essentially leaving behind our old vibrational state, and heading towards a new vibrational state, and while we go through this energetic upgrade, there is DISSONANCE. This is where things get funky. We may get into arguments with people, our computer might play up, we may receive an unexpected call from a past friend, or on the other hand, you may experience weird synchronicities, or out of the blue opportunities. We are essentially shaking up our vibrational field to up-level, and it’s an opportunity to release the “old” to make space for the “new” energy wanting to come in. During my last major up level (related to career), my car battery went flat, the following day my computer blew out, and a few days later, I experienced credit card fraud. Yep. This is dissonance at the ground level, and can look like anything!

This period can last any time from two to four weeks (that’s why it’s recommended to stick to new things for 21-days to create a new habit). While annoying and sometimes downright inconvenient, knowing this is essential and more importantly, this is a NORMAL part of any change or transformation process. It’s energy. The key is to know that it is happening, keep cool, and KEEP TAKING ACTION towards your intentions.

However, what tends to happen is that many of us let this discomfort stop us taking action, or worse still, we may not start action in the first place, and we often get into a cycle of planning, strategising, scheduling, troubleshooting, in an attempt to bypass the discomfort, and never take action!

Are you still smiling? ☺

Lets define action. Action is a third-dimensional concept. It’s DOING, applying physical effort through time and space, and it takes time. Planning, strategising, thinking…are all fourth-dimensional concepts, it’s the MENTAL component, our ego, and requires a lot less effort and time. It’s the difference between thinking about what to have for dinner, versus going to the supermarket to buy the ingredients then come back home to cook.

Assuming you are still smiling, now think a bad thought. You can’t hey?

Okay, stop smiling. Now think a bad thought. I bet you were able to creep one in?

Get the point 😉

I hear all the time, “I want to be happy” and people talk for months HOW they are going to become happy…”I’ll go on a holiday”, ”I’ll start that salsa class”, ”I’ll start my art blog”, but if they just took the simple action of smiling, they are happy! ☺ ☺ ☺

Why talk about exercise when you can just stand up and walk the block?

Why think about potential clients when you can contact them?

Why endlessly strategise a business plan when you can register a domain name and create a WordPress site?

If you had to put money on the line, what promise would you make right now?

At the end of the day, when we don’t commit to action our soul inspired desires, we pay either way, whether it’s money, or thwarted divine self-expression.

ACTION…Promise or Pay?
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