If you are actively on a path of ascension, chances are, you have done some type of energy, light language, DNA, light-body, heart, third-eye, (etc. etc.) activation at some point.

But is it actually making a difference in your life? I mean, really?

Sure, you might feel great afterwards, and perhaps you cleared out some distorted energy debris from your energy field, and maybe you gained some healing and insights. There are tremendous benefits to these type of activations because we do them because we have some type of intent behind them – usually, we want to create positive change in our lives.

However…do you understand the real purpose of these activation “tools”? And might you be abusing them?

As a person certified in three different energy healing modalities and have done hundreds, maybe even thousands of “activations” over the past decade, I can speak from experience.

There is so much talk of “frequency”, “energy”, and “vibration” in awakening, ascension and high consciousness circles, especially around “how to manifest” that many people engage in activations religiously – but aren’t really creating any significant change in their lives.

Why? Because many people do not take the appropriate action at the physical level – their third-dimensional reality.

What many seekers don’t realise (or perhaps they do, but are just looking for a bypass or a short-cut), is that our vibration – our energetic signature – is the LOUDEST and has the most impact at our third-dimensional level of ACTION and BEHAVIOUR. For example, you can do all the heart activations you want, but if you continue to stay in that loveless, transactional, or dysfunctional marriage – you are wasting your time – eventually, your “buzz” will wear off.

And if you were congruent with your divine purpose, ego wants, and actions – how you want to live as an independent sovereign being – you wouldn’t even need to do these activations in the first place, because you would be a clear vessel – a clear conduit – for ALL energies wishing to express through you!

A hyper-focus on activations without the appropriate behaviour change in your physical life is like putting a patch on your tyre to temporarily fix a leak, and it takes a lot of energy to maintain and keep that patch in place! It’s also a form of self-soothing, it becomes a coping mechanism. Wouldn’t you rather use that energy productively by getting a “new tyre” by creating real-life sustainable transformation? I’d certainly rather get out of my comfort zone for a short amount of time than remain in ‘tolerable’ discomfort for an extended period (or perhaps even the rest of your life!).

Activations, energy clearings, or any type of “quantum” tools are there to support an intent – a desire for change – to help you get into a state of readiness to make that change, but you still need to IMPLEMENT at the physical “third-dimensional” level – this is the densest dimension of our existence and what we do here has the most significant impact on our frequency, energy, and vibration – not “activations”.

If you are doing activations weekly (even monthly), there’s something incongruent in your physical life that needs to be addressed, otherwise, there wouldn’t be a “need” to do them, because the energies you seek would already be free flowing through your experience.

Are “Activations” (Light Language, DNA, etc.) a Waste of Time?