More and more we are seeing ridiculously talented children making headlines for their freakish gifts thanks to exposure through social media, and many of the talent shows!

But have you also noticed a growing trend of child/teenage entrepreneurs?

Just today, I saw a post that absolutely thrilled me, because it demonstrates the power of making Soul-inspired choices that brings results!

“Passion Fashion” is the brainchild of Lila, a beautifully motivated 10 year old.

Since discovering her Soul blueprint qualities, Lila has embarked on a creativity frenzy, creating lots of jewellery, learning sewing and crafting, and even developing her inner entrepreneur!

She is already selling her jewelry – earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, and also takes custom orders – and has already drafted her flyers complete with a motto! And with the help of her parents as mentors, is in the process of creating a Facebook and Etsy page.

And this has been totally driven by Lila…with no parent pushing at all!

This is not the first time I have seen child entrepreneurs at work. Quite recently I saw a young Sydney girl, Astrid, also 10, making tie-dye socks to raise money for charity, and have also seen other parents support their children with their visions.

What a wonderful way to learn about business for both the child and parent!

It takes courage and an open mind (perhaps even a ‘beginners mind’) for parents to support the enthusiasm and gifts of their children, especially if their visions are not “conventional”…and to be honest, knowing your child’s gifts and talents makes your choices for them a lot easier to guide them, which is the purpose of parenting!

We live in a cookie-cutter society where we are taught many “rules” about how to live our lives – many well-intentioned – but it often doesn’t take into account everyone’s uniqueness. What works for one person may not work for another.

These days we have so many choices available to us and we can pretty much make a living doing anything…provided you have an open mind and the motivation and discipline to take action.

Plus…because as a collective we are rapidly evolving into 5th-dimensional consciousness…everyone, including children, are becoming more attuned to innate gifts, and inherently “know” what is aligned and not aligned for them, despite what they are told. However, many still take action that is socially accepted because it feels more “comfortable”. We must give ourselves permission to take inspired action.

We are going to see more and more younger entrepreneurs emerge and disrupt traditional business ideas. We are already seeing this already with young adult entrepreneurs, especially in the tech industry.

If you would like to discover you (or your child’s) Soul blueprint profile, please check out my SERVICES.

Are Child Entrepreneurs a thing of the Future?
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