Okay…so you practice mindfulness, you meditate, you’ve read books, maybe even attended a few personal development workshops, or have become certified in a healing modality, and you are becoming more conscious – congratulations! It takes courage to do the inner work that many people would instead run for the hills than look at their “gunk” or explore their spiritual self.

However, for some, especially those who have been actively engaged in their personal evolution for a while in an attempt to align with their Soul purpose, are finding their life doesn’t look too much different than when they started, or are coming across the same “themes”, and are feeling a little ripped off because they were expecting to be more financially abundant, have that perfect romantic partner or thriving business, and just feeling awesome all the time!

Here’s the thing: Consciousness is a double-edged sword. The more conscious you become, the more aware, the more power, and the more responsibility! As you expand your consciousness, you sharpen the sword.

“No mud, no lotus.”

Alignment with your Soul blueprint is an ongoing lifetime process, because your Soul is always looking for different ways to experience itself. It’s not a destination, well, until you pass on.

I’m noticing more and more that there’s a misconception that if you become more “evolved” or “spiritual”, then suddenly good things will happen to you – like some reward for actively taking this path.

Throw that belief out of the window already! Why? Because more and more, I am observing the following trends:

Spiritual Bypass: There’s a lot of people that do self-help that turns into shelf-help. They want the goods without having to change anything in their life or take the often-uncomfortable action towards their desired outcomes. Remember, choice equals consequence, governed by freewill. At some point, you have to take action to create your desired results. There is always some level of discomfort or “dissonance” when you up-level – this is a NORMAL part of change and transformation and the most important part of aligning with your Soul purpose.

Spiritual Escapism: Because people do become more conscious, they develop a fear around what actions they must take to create the abundant, joyful life they desire (i.e. leaving a toxic relationship or job; being more self-expressive, etc.), so instead of taking the appropriate action, which includes that uncomfortable dissonance phase, they create this unhealthy pattern of more self-help, more meditation, or other bliss-out activities to “feel better”, and end up avoiding the action. This dynamic makes things worse, because you are teaching your subconscious that fear will stop you, and with each cycle, leaves you more dis-empowered. Trust me, I’ve had to catch myself out heading down this path many times, and more and more, I’m witnessing this in other people.

Here’s the paradox – any misalignment’s (limiting beliefs, programming, etc.) with who you are at Soul level shows up louder and more apparent as you expand your consciousness and you must acknowledge and create a sense of wholeness.

Remember this also. Everything just “is” at any given moment. We assign the energy of every experience through our filters. The key is to surrender and take the inspired action to shift your experience.

Many people are stepping into their fifth-dimensional consciousness – meaning that they are becoming more masterful at observing their thoughts and feelings and come from a place of choice rather than reaction. However, at this dimension, we also become more aware of who we are at Soul level and have more of a sense of our Soul purpose, and any misalignments and accompanying “baggage” are being brought up to be reviewed and released, so that we can integrate with the higher-vibrational energy.

You cannot undo consciousness – and action creates the most significant shifts, so no amount of self-help is going to stick until you take the appropriate new actions to integrate the inner work to create more aligned circumstances in your life. More importantly, we must learn to love all aspects of ourselves unconditionally at any given moment because we are always evolving! Be at peace with change 😉

Higher Consciousness – A Double Edged Sword