We are approaching a pivotal time where there’s definitely an energetic war playing out behind-the-scenes of what is presented to us physically. The pendulum of power seems to swing one way, then the other, between the old (control power structures) and new (unity consciousness) paradigms. But in the past 24 hours, I have definitely sensed a more ‘permanent’ shift toward the new. And while things are likely to get darker first, now is the time to become steadfast with our intentions of the new type of world we want to create.

Here a guide of how to help integrate this transition period most effectively. We must apply all three. You may apply these in any order or apply these as cyclic, find what works for you.

1. Processing the Truth – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

There’s some very dark stuff going on in the world that I have mentioned in previous posts. We cannot turn a blind eye and pretend it’s not happening or it doesn’t apply to you. It affects everyone. This stuff will come out and if you get started now, it will be a lesser shock later on.

Consume as much or as little as you can. I know many of you are sensitive to this stuff, allow yourself to integrate like you would for anything else. Consume the information you can handle, then integrate it for a day or so. Integrate means allow yourself to feel the angst, disgust, sadness, and reflect your beliefs around the information.

If you would like a place to start, Out of Shadows documentary was released early 2020 exposing Hollywood corruption and how it is linked to mass-mind control through media. Especially if you have children, this is a must-watch as it delves into Disney and subtle trauma programming in their movies. This documentary is currently being heavily shadow-banned, so if you want to share with others, please send them the direct link. If you would like a general global overview connecting the dots of corruption linking all factions of society, I recommend watching the 10-part series of Fall Cabal.

2. Declaration of Sovereignty

This is claiming your boundaries and what you will and won’t consent to. This pandemic is a spiritual war of oppression and human control. When the time arises when certain ‘laws’ are put into place that you oppose, you must make your voice heard. Creating, sharing and signing petitions, lobbying and taking action. Saying No.

3. Raising Frequencies from a place of Neutrality and Unconditional Love

Inherently, everything is divine, because it’s creation. Every person on the planet is connected. Coming from a place on neutrality allows you to appreciate the bigger picture of creation and the role of choice and consequence. Unconditionality is that place of acceptance without judgment. This presence takes you out of the electromagnetic clinic of resistance and allows the ‘soot’ to arise to be cleaned out. Meditation, mindfulness, prayer, and doing joyful things helps raise and amplify our frequency.

You must do ALL THREE STEPS for this to work.

You cannot do ONLY number three if you don’t know what you are being Unconditional and Neutral for, or know what boundaries you have to set. If you only do number one, you get bogged down into the fear matrix and lose sight of the new beginnings you want to create.

I know many of you here are healers and in the lightworker community and might be (or have clients who are) resistant to doing one or two because of your sensitivity or it might be perceived as ‘negative’ to look into.

One of the dysfunctions of the ‘love and light brigade’ is this insincerity and ignorance of the fundamental issues of what’s really going on in the world. These people, in particular, will really struggle over the next six months if they continue to operate in this way. The truth movement is very critical at the moment and these truthers are on the frontline exposing their work and helping waking up the masses.

We all have to dig in at this point. As Unity Consciousness, we have to develop a backbone because even when much of corruption is exposed, no-one is going to save us. We have to create this new beginning ourselves – grassroots. This is all part of the new paradigm of what The Age of Wisdom has to offer – taking charge of your inner authority.

Please check out Reclaiming Our Power – Grassroots Activation which ties into all of this.

Darkest before the Dawn – Transition Triad Guide to New Beginnings…