There are a lot of people out there making a lot of money selling the idea that by simply “thinking” about something and raising your vibrational state will get you what you want.

This can work, somewhat, but it’s far too simplistic.

You have probably found it works for “small ticket” items like finding a car space, a friend calls you out of the blue when you think of them, or you get an extra client when you see a dress or suit you want to buy…but these are just parlour tricks for the consciousness seeker!

Ask yourself, has it worked for you for “big ticket” items? Like receiving a large financial windfall? Or earning a descent living doing Soul aligned work? Or a deeply fulfilling romantic relationship? Or having vibrant health and being the weight and fitness you want? On a consistent basis?

While many of the principles taught around Law of Attraction (LOA), like cultivating the mindset to “focus on what you want”, creating vision boards, and raising your vibrational state are valid, this is a very small part of it. What is missing from a lot of what is taught is the role of ACTION – THE most important part! And if you have read my eBook, Purity Consciousness – The Age of Wisdom, (which you can download for free by subscribing to my website), I explain that ACTION creates the BIGGEST vibrational shift in your experience!

I also explain that to manifest big ticket items, this action will take you out of your comfort zone – IT HAS TO – otherwise you would already have what you want – IT’S SIMPLE PHYSICS.

However, with mindset and vibrational state alone being the focus on many LOA teachings, I am seeing a trend of passivity, and more and more – irresponsibility – showing up among LOA students. I am even seeing people who never gamble start buying lottery tickets or do online betting because they “asked for $1000”…it’s crazy!

It might work a few times initially, but it’s not sustainable.

I’m even coming across a lot of healing and spiritual entrepreneurs who rely on daily meditation, affirmations, and doing their own clearing work to ‘raise their vibration’ for clients to magically show up without taking the necessary foundational transactional action required for ANY business.

This is why the “15-minutes of fame” is a phenomena. Why those who win the lottery are back to where they were financially within 2 years, or most reality or YouTube stars can’t maintain the spotlight…they were able to raise their vibrational state enough to attract the opportunity to act on, but did not maintain that new action required to maintain that new vibrational state.

The whole point of LOA teachings is to focus your INTENT. Intention is a powerful tool and it serves to bring you the most aligned route to your goals. What many of these teachings fail to get across is that EFFORT and getting out of your comfort zone is required.

• If you want to get fit or lose weight, you still have to actually show up at the gym and workout.
• If you want a new career, you still need to learn new skills and practice them.
• If you want to build your business, you still have to do marketing and set up your logistics (or hire someone to do it).
• If you want a relationship with your dream partner, you WILL be crazy nervous on that first date.

If you aren’t manifesting the results you want, you need to look at what actions that you have been avoiding, then take them. LOA is a powerful tool but you must understand the mechanics of change and transformation, knowing that getting out of your comfort zone is required to create any new result. If you need a reminder of what this feels like – start a new exercise program or enter an event such as a fun run or a charity walk, etc.! That will definitely get you in the zone for you to apply this to other areas of your life.

Debunking Myths around Law of Attraction…
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