The Rise of Independent Sovereignty…

One of my focal points moving forward is to help usher in the New Normal that reflects independent sovereignty and unity consciousness. I like to think of it as a redistribution of abundance – from the hands of the corrupt to the hearts of talented independent creators – a type of decentralising from those who are more concerned with money, control and power than soul-inspired authentic self-expression.

Independent creators and those who seek autonomy in their work are on the rise as people step into independent sovereignty. This is decentralisation and where we get to experience the fullness of our own and other people’s talents, rather than a restricted/watered down version according to distorted paradigms. 

But it’s also about claiming our worth. There are so many systems, structures, even platforms online that lure content creators in with promises of income. Still, it comes with a lot of conditions, and often with a disproportional financial compensation. For example, anyone who has published an ebook independently on Amazon/Kindle KDP Select or Unlimited options (book equivalent to Spotify) knows that there are stringent rules with little financial benefit. I spoke to an independent musician recently who said he had transferred his music to alternative platforms such as Bandcamp who value their musicians and compensate accordingly.

This also has to do with what you consume and where you spend your money. For example, many independent journalists now have BitChute as their backup channel due to censorship and shadow-banning. I watch their content here instead of YouTube. I have also been buying Christmas presents from people who have side-hustles, and I have been having my groceries delivered by an independent supermarket, even though it costs more than the multinational chains. I’ve even started to order the coffee I like straight from the supplier, so I never have to shop at a particular big chain supermarket again.

These might seem like mundane things, but with so many small businesses challenged financially right now, we need to start somewhere. Further, with so many in new age and metaphysics talking about the promise of the Golden Age, no one really knows what this looks like, day-to-day. The Golden Age is often framed in a way that it’s just going to “happen” and has kept many in a state of ‘waiting.’

It starts with us. Now. Every single moment. 

While independent sovereignty and unity consciousness might seem abstract right now, the only way we are going to navigate is by getting started. 

And this will also be shaped by your soul blueprint qualities. For me, needing a lot of independence and freedom, while having visionary qualities and not liking getting bogged down in the detailed tasks…I hire out the appropriate people to deal with these. I also know a lot of truthers right now that are learning a lot about government legislation and their rights with certain lockdown rules. While others have been bringing huge online communities together focusing on specific topics to help get voices heard.

Once we step into these qualities, driven by our soul-inspired desires or ‘inner nudges,’ through action and behaviour change, new steps emerge that shape our experience. 

Decentralisation – A ‘New Norm’ Paradigm?