Embrace the creative potential of stillness…

There is a beautiful higher vibrational frequency coming in, have you been feeling it?

Even for those of you who have found it difficult to unplug from the fear matrix, there’s an undeniable sense that there’s this underlying stillness that is omnipresent. This stillness is the source of our creative power, and an excellent opportunity to tap into what type of life you want to create moving forward.

The world is changed forever. It’s not going to go back to the way it was. We have already seen many systems break at the seams (healthcare, financial, political, spiritual/religion, education, etc.) as a result of this pandemic.

Many of you have no doubt witnessed the global mind-control that humanity has been participating in. I was watching Fringe the other day (sometimes it feel like it’s a documentary!), and here’s a quote that represents how many of us (even unconsciously) have been existing. This quote from a “loyalist” who works for the New Order in an apocalyptic futuristic timeline talking to a member of the “resistance” who are fighting for freedom:

“I was angry at the resistance, it was hopeless. That’s why I do this job. They (New Order) give us a safe place to live, we get taken care of, and they look after us, and I don’t have to worry. I don’t understand you people, you can’t win, the world would be a much safer place if you would just stop to fight them.”

This is what we are programmed to believe. That to feel secure we have to be ‘controlled’ and seeking freedom is nothing but a helpless pursuit. It’s kind of like that abuser/narcissistic and victim dynamic. Where we get drawn into this idea of fake love by being love-bombed with promises of the world for the energy exchange of perceived security, only to become disempowered, dependant, and harvested for our energy – and we stay in this control/dependency dynamic for a sense of safety.

This dynamic had been amplified as a result of this pandemic, both at a global and individual level. I have talked about gas-lighting in previous posts, but it’s everywhere as many are publicly going through their own karmic cleansing. Taking a stand for your boundaries is essential right now.

RECONSTRUCTION – Where to start?

Lead the way!

This doesn’t necessarily mean starting a global movement. It means creating what you want, unapologetically. Dropping co-dependency on others and systems that restrict you, and at least for now, being comfortable not exactly knowing what you are doing. We are amidst a global pattern interrupt. No one knows what lies ahead, but we can at least start creating, one step at a time.

THREE major aspects are required to successfully move forward.

• Physical World – Global system restructures to reflect freedom and transparency (healthcare, financial, political, spiritual/religion, education, etc.).
• Shadow World – Truth leaders disclosing information that has kept us enslaved in this old power paradigm.
• Spiritual World – Teaching the vast and limitlessness of human potential.

We must embrace all three for self-mastery.

We HAVE to learn how to discern and integrate information (without dependency on a particular leader, teacher, guru, etc.) to become the spiritual authority of our own lives.

I say this because everywhere, so many are identified as left or right politics, or are blindly loyal to a particular religion, a specific movement (e.g. Qanon), or leadership authority (including spiritual ‘guru’s). These ‘labels’ can restrict our perception and ability to see the overall picture objectively concerning our own specific truth. Becoming a radical free-thinker is something of an anomaly at the moment…but that will change as people awaken to their own power and creative potential.

So what new creative expression might I bring to the world? What new system or innovation might I bring to my current work? What might my life look like with this constant omnipresence of stillness in the background? Does life feel lighter and more effortless?

Depending on your expertise, experience, passions and Soul blueprint qualities…you might create a serious of short videos to bring others up to speed. This is needed in EVERY industry. Truth exposure. Finance. Health. Freedom living. Embracing Love. Managing emotions. etc.

Focus intent is ESSENTIAL right now. Keep that vision of your version of your new paradigm at the forefront.

Soak up this new light vibration of stillness and allow is to EXPAND within you.

Many of you are feeling the ‘detox effect’ of this global purge where emotions are getting stirred up – this is also a result of these higher frequency vibrations coming it. Keep up the water, clean nutrition, and mindfulness to help these pass through.


Collective meditation and thought changes the unified field.

Disciplined focused intent is essential right now to help create the type of world we want:

• Focus on beauty, love and harmony.
• Address the unconscious distortions of your psyche that are being projected out to the world – release doubt and embrace faith.
• Love vs Fear – Feel the fear and use it to fuel the movement for change.

Where you can create or participate in a mass gathering focusing on the same affirming higher vibrational frequency…we can supercharge the expansion and impact our environment. You just have to look at the regeneration after the Australian bushfires early 2020 to see evidence of this…after the love and compassion poured in from billions throughout the world, demonstrating the power of Unity Consciousness.

Deconstruction RECONSTRUCTION – Creating a New Paradigm