There is no doubt that the current bushfires in Australia are serving as a massive heart opener for humanity around the world. We need it. For us to overcome this catastrophe and all the other current global turbulent events, we ALL need to reconnect with our human’s natural desire to connect, love, help and harmonise.

We forget this is our natural state. Why? Because we are so DISCONNECTED and many of us don’t even realise it!

We have been systematically bombarded by digital technology. Most of us have (unknowingly) lost our inner connection and are running on a low-level flight/fight mode. We have become reactive. Impulsive. Technologically addicted. Consumerism junkies. We can’t even retain a memory like we used to. Sometimes not being able to have an objective debate without being scathed or ridiculed.

We live in a distorted reality where everything seems to be turned upside down. Many of you have a sense of this but don’t really know how it works. Or if we do, we feel like one little pawn in this massive game where we think we have no influence.

But what if that’s what “they” want us to think?

What if we have been under a spell of mind-control and we didn’t even realise the extent?

Let’s talk about “they” for a moment.

No one really knows who “they” are, but everyone knows “they” exist and “they” have created the matrix of this distorted reality. That’s how propaganda works. It’s hidden. And when people question its existence, it serves as a convenient reason to discredit those challenging the status quo.

But you can see it everywhere. Every single industry on the planet is going through major upheaval. Government. Banking. Entertainment. Technology. Environment. Health. Science. Religion. Sport.

And in the attitudes of everyday people. “Just play the game,” I saw today in a disclosure article relating to ongoing Hollywood pedophilia. This whole idea of tit for tat. Talent doesn’t seem enough unless you’re willing to sell out or compromise yourself in some way. Yes, these involve stars idolised worldwide AND where much of the content we consume is produced that shape our reality.

Even as I closed my Instagram recently, I was seeing an alarming amount of 20-something influencers promoting cosmetic procedures. But more worrying is a conversation with my six-year-old nephew who told me that “meat is bad for you.”

But luckily, there have been many “little old me’s” who have dedicated much of their valuable time over many years digging for the truth. Some were forced due to life circumstances that have brought them to their knees. Some because ‘best practices’ were not working as they ‘should’. Others because of this innate sense that things weren’t as they seemed.

In the past 18 months, in particular, I have noticed a tipping point in the truth movement. Many are starting to connect the dots of how “they” work. While this truth can be hard to look at, I do believe this is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s going to take many years to ‘sort through the noise’ for much of the heavy distortion to be fleshed out properly.

People are waking up. People are sick of being lied to. But many don’t know where to begin.

It starts with you. Going within. Examining your own distortions. How you created them. And what new choices to make to transform them.

We are all unique, independent creative beings. That’s what we are here for. What underpins distortions are ‘agreements’ we make with other people, persons of perceived authority and organisations that don’t serve our divine nature.

Nothing brings more light to the world than Truth. When we ignore the truth, it gets suppressed. It sits in your subconscious, simmering away, ready to explode and be unleashed on to others as ‘reactive energy’ when you least expect. You only need to spend a few minutes on Twitter to witness this!

“They” are only a VERY SMALL contingent that operate on a distorted energy paradigm that cannot survive on Higher Vibrational energies of Truth, Compassion, Love, and Wisdom. “They” cannot create for themselves and have to distort what already exists. “They” thrive on low vibrational energies like drama, chaos, fear, manipulation, guilt and shame.

How many of you feel these energies for no real reason? Guilt for not being enough…Shame for not being a specific type of woman or man…Obligated to do certain things…Many feel guilty for being successful or earning good money…the list is endless!

The current global upheaval is an excellent opportunity for growth and transformation. To experience a total psyche reset. To examine your entire belief system, your values, and more importantly, who you really are as a powerful AND abundant divine creator.

Yes – you are THAT powerful. And every little shift creates that ONE MORE spark of light in the world and allows you to uncover that next distortion that might be holding you back from your full self-expression.

It can be tough to look at initially. But if you observe from a detached “cause and effect” or “choice and consequence” perspective, it becomes a lot easier and implementable.

In other words, don’t get all judgy on yourself!

We all have distortions, and we all have dysfunctional aspects. It’s how we experience ourselves and navigate our creations. Ideally, we recognise them and correct them into alignment in what we are trying to create. But when we ignore them or we become so distracted by external factors that we forget to inner-connect – we end up “energetically” running on a hamster wheel.

Love is one of the most abundant energies on the planet. Why not dance with it and use it as our superpower?

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Distorted Reality – GAME ON!
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