Humanity is wired for judgment. Have you noticed that every single thing these days asks for a review? Whether you want one or not? Whether it’s a “like” on social media, or an actual rating out of five stars – you can’t escape them. It seems pretty much everything is set up for, “This is me, judge me!”

Humans are also wired for worship and popularity – we developed a perception bias for quantity over quality. Since the boom of the digital age, and in particular, social media, it’s no longer enough to be an expert in your field. You have to be popular online as well. How many times have you scanned across YouTube, Facebook, etc., and chose to engage with someone based solely on their popularity rather than the quality of the content they deliver? Or even if that content is relevant or right for you?

Humans are also wired for herd mentality. Meaning that they find their tribe and exclusive sense of being part of a select group or movement, and nothing else matters. Everyone is “grouped” or “categorised” according to if they announce their intentions for a particular movement. Their whole personality is determined based on this categorisation as if to fit in a nice neat little box. There have been a few occasions I have mentioned “ascension” in my posts and have received assumptions from others of who I were and wasn’t based on this very one thing!

However, how are these distorted cultural constructs affecting your self-expression? And your ability to connect with authentic like-minded people who appreciate and reflect the uniqueness of you?

Are you adjusting yourself to fit in with a tribe in an attempt to feel like a part of a community or get more followers or likes?

Are you withholding your genuine opinions that may be to the contrary to a stereotype of that group because it might disrupt others perception of you?

Are you asking for more likes or followers beyond the organic request to share your information?

Do you doubt the uniqueness of you is enough to attract your like-minded tribe?

Self-worth is coming up a lot right now for many of you who are about to step into a whole new experience of Independent Sovereignty. Distortions are breaking down right now where you might be begging for scraps from other people, situations and circumstances that aren’t reciprocating. Here’s what it might look like:

Feeling invisible online. You broadcast many amazing messages and get crickets. 

Feeling burdened online. You give away a lot of free content and insights and your audience beg for more, without any real intention to purchase or give some type of value exchange.

One-sided relationships. You are either over giving with no real exchange or always feel like you are squeezing blood out of a stone with certain people for them to give you attention.

Any type of forcing. Always following up or trying to muscle your way through a situation or circumstance. 

Independent sovereignty ALWAYS commands an even and equal value exchange, whether it’s in relationships, friendships or business. 

If you find yourself in one-sided relationships or a silent audience, it’s time to find new people to appreciate you and your work.


Not one for watching reality shows, last night I tuned into The Masked Singer Australia because I am a fan of Kate Miller-Heidke because she a freak talent. Yet she’s never really been in our faces in the music industry, she came ‘runner-up’ in The Masked Singer with this mind-blowing performance and eighth in Eurovision during 2019 flinging herself in the sky while effortlessly performing pop-opera! I saw a tweet, “Do we just live in a world where Kate Miller-Heidke gives us 800% and never wins?!”

She’s always been quirky with her talent for opera and pop, but it’s only in the past few years she really started to alchemise this into something truly magnetic – you don’t even have to like opera or pop to be charmed by her talent. 

Trust that no matter how quirky, eclectic or different you might be – you will get your audience!!! Humans innately LOVE diversity but have been programmed for sameness…THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE AS WE HEAD INTO INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGNTY!

Many of you have these freak skills within – but haven’t learnt to harness them (yet!) because of these false cultural contracts such as Judgment, Worship/Popularity and Herd (follower) Mentality.

Trust that you will find your audience – popularity is an illusion. Numbers mean nothing if no-one is engaging. And even if you do have the numbers and a lot of engagement, but getting little “reward” (e.g. an income if it’s for your work, business or profession) – it becomes more of an obligation than a soul-fulfilling activity.

And let’s talk about money.

Many make an excuse that “it’s not about the money” when they share their work online, whether they are a visionary, healer, truther or citizen journalist, etc. – yet many are still working jobs they tolerate or barely making a living.

We are ALL in the money system. We are ALL responsible for being an active participant in it, which includes leveraging your talents to earn an income. You cannot claim independent sovereignty earning an income in a job you tolerate. This is another form of begging for scraps.

Let’s get real. Everyone wants to earn an income doing something they love that nourishes their lifestyle. This is part of your personal creative process to figure out a way to do so – leveraging your skills, talents and soul-inspired desires. ALWAYS you will have to get out of your comfort zone, like asking for value exchange. Or charging for your work, creating some type of membership platform, creating a product that you can link to the free stuff you share, or simply having mutually respectful agreements with others. 

Money is creative energy. That’s it. Don’t turn it into anything more than this, despite all the corruption distortions being flushed out right now. Setting your “worth” is also a great way to filter out those that aren’t really interested in your work or who only want a one-sided exchange. 

Don’t be fooled by numbers and popularity. We are coming back to an authentic soul connected exchange where you will be connected with the right people who help with what you want to create at any given moment. In this way, you will flow through the tapestry of creation to help fulfil your soul-inspired desires as they arise.

False Validation – Are you Begging for Scraps?
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