• Are your ready for a profound transformation experience that will forever change the way you experience life?

• Would you like to take the guess-work out of how you are designed to manifest goals most effectively?

• Are you longing for a deeper connection to your Higher-Self and clearer access to your intuition?

• Are you willing to embrace your shadow and what’s REALLY stopping you so that you can work WITH these qualities in a productive way?

• Are you ready to transcend self-sabotage so that you become unstoppable in your divine self-expression?

I know that you are committed to your personal journey and always striving to get the most out of yourself…

You have an idea of, or are working towards your purpose, but need further clarity and direction…

You know that there’s “stuff” holding you back, and just want to get to the bottom of it once and for all!

You’ve been doing the inner work, but are seeking something deeper…the ultimate Soul cleanse to accelerate your progression.

You are ready for a new approach that will forever change the way you perceive life!

The Freedom, Purpose & Realignment Program is my 8-week intensive program specifically designed to give you a ‘pull-the-rug-from-under-your-feet’ Soul cleanse and create a profound vibrational shift to create new circumstances in your life in relation to a specific intention.

Did you know that negative choices made in past lifetimes are affecting you today?

Have you ever wondered why certain themes keep coming up, no matter how hard you try to resolve them?

And, you may have limiting programming from ancestral, generational, and societal influences that you have bought into as “true” that are negatively affecting you?

And these negative “karmic” patterns actually restrict accessing or even noticing your Soul gifts…because they are blindspots, and you continue to attract circumstances that match the energy signature of these patterns…physics at its best!

I identify and clear these karmic patterns and guide you to make choices that realign to your divine Soul blueprint…your Soul gifts.

And if you have a health condition…the clearing process restores ‘energy leaks’ which improves physical health and vitality.

We all have had many lifetimes of negative choices that are limiting us today. Once we recognise them, we have the power to make NEW choices that align with our gifts, and therefore, create efficiency, flow, and alignment in our lives.

You will also learn how to use the information from your divine Soul blueprint, as well as your Soul manifesting blueprint, which is your unique recipe of HOW you most efficiently manifest results. This takes the guess work out of all of those law of attraction principles you have read about – probably with mixed results, and I’ll tell you why!


• Week 1: Soul Blueprint: Clarity and Clearing (60-minute call)

• Week 2: Manifesting Blueprint: Aligned Action Strategy (30-minute call)

• Week 3: Vibrational Upgrade Accountability Check-In (email)

• Week 4: Soul Blueprint: Clarity, Strategy, Clearing, and SKILL TRANSFER* (60-minute call)

• Week 5: Vibrational Upgrade Accountability Check-In (email)

• Week 6: Vibrational Upgrade Accountability Check-In (email)

• Week 7: Soul Blueprint: Clarity, Strategy and Clearing (60-minute call)

• Week 8: Check-in and Wrap Up (30-minute call)

(sessions conducted via phone, Skype, or Zoom, and are recorded)

*SKILL TRANSFER: We hone in on past-life skills that you have acquired, but currently laying dormant, and transfer them into your current experience, so that you can access an even greater level of your Soul blueprint and flourish in your current goals!

Other Extras:

• Personalised Soul Manifesting Blueprint report.

• Daily personalised mindset ritual throughout entire program.

• Audio recordings of 1:1 sessions.

This is deep Soul work with a multidimensional effect, meaning that your intention for the program maybe career or business, but you will definitely experience shifts in other life areas. Further, the accumulative affect of our work together creates powerful transformation potential…so buckle your seat belts!


Your investment is $1997.

Installment options available.

Please enquire at:

If you are looking to explore even deeper and learn how to Master your divine Soul Blueprint, you may consider the My Mission Multidimensional Mastery program.

Looking forward to speaking to you!