Not the typical post I write, but this is very relevant to our own mastery, creative process, and how we perceive the world, because the world as we know it, is about to change very significantly.

You have probably noticed that I have been touching on the ‘dark side’ of global corruption over the past 12 months especially, something many of us devoted to personal mastery avoid looking at because it’s dark and heavy, and messes with this idea of ‘peace on earth’ and being ‘high vibe’. But folks, the only way we can come to a solution for anything is to KNOW everything that is going on, not just what we want to see.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard about the Jeffrey Epstein saga related to child sex trafficking and related crimes and his connections to very powerful people across all industries.

What we are seeing is only the tip of the iceberg, and what is to come may become very hard to stomach over the coming months.

One of the reasons this has gone on for so long is because our naturally loving, trusting human nature could never fathom that other humans could ever harm or torture other people, especially children, and ESPECIALLY from people in positions of power we are supposed to trust for our safe lively-hood!

And one of the innate qualities us naturally loving, trusting humans have is this idea that everyone can be ’turned to the light’ and ‘healed’. This is not necessarily the case, and many people have ended up in martyrdom trying to do so.

In my work, we have very clear definitions of Soul orientation. “Positive” Souls have access to divine source ‘life-force’ energy, while “negative” Souls don’t.

By the way, this is not a concept exclusive to the type of work I do, this is a pretty well known concept amongst the metaphysical community, different people framing it in slightly different ways.

So where do “negative” Souls get their energy from?

Other people.


Through fear, manipulation, victimisation, sacrifice, torture, drama, chaos, etc.

(NOTE: Every human participates in the above dynamics in some way throughout their lives…however, “negative” Souls do this exclusively.)

These Souls cannot create from scratch. They have to distort energy that already exists. There are many Souls on the planet that are of “negative” orientation and there are particular Soul groups with Soul blueprints that are designed to ‘harvest’ life-force energy from others, and are often referred to as psychopaths because they lack traits like empathy.

Some of it is obvious, some much more subtle. The typical MO of these people is draw a person in with promises of the world (many of these people are very charismatic and alluring) – then get them to a perception that they cannot live without them and this is where the suffering begins. Much of our world and major organisations are run by these types of people with this underlying dynamic, which you might be discovering right now, and why we have essentially become ‘debt slaves.’

A classic example of this type of dynamic is when I deleted my Facebook account last year, so many people said to me, “I want to get off Facebook as well, but I can’t because of x, y, and z.”

This isn’t a post to scare you, but rather, to empower you to see the bigger picture more objectively so you don’t feel blind-sighted by what might be revealed in the coming months.

To get further context, a “positive” Souls idea of fun is to have a nice dinner, travel, and hang out with friends, etc.; a “negative” Soul, well, is to taunt, manipulate, and create drama and chaos.

Seeing a situation for what it is, is the only way we can cultivate a solution, and invites a new level of objectivity upon how we view the world. We see the world as it is, rather than getting caught up in the ‘spin’ we are fed.

So how do we manage “negative” Souls?

It’s a very easy solution…but often difficult to execute…


Every time you react to someone…you give them energy.

Every time you have a thought about someone…you give them energy.

Every time you direct your attention to someone…you give them energy.

I am not saying to become ignorant of any responsibilities that are a part of a particular dynamic, but rather, remain steadfast on your focus towards a solution without getting caught up in ‘reactive mode’ and cutting out the “noise”.

It’s going to be difficult not to get emotionally caught up with what’s going on and what’s going to unfold for the rest of the year without being ignorant to it, but here are a few tips to help:

• Adopt an attitude of neutrality and objectivity when consuming any information and look for facts, context and plausibility.

• Where are you engaging in energies of fear and manipulation? What action might I take today to unplug from this dynamic?

• Do I have clear boundaries across all areas of my life? With friends? Romantic partners? Work colleagues? Work contracts and hours worked? Digital media consumption? etc.

• Actions speak louder than words! I always say action creates the biggest shift, and this especially applies here. Observing the actions (or non-actions!) taken by others despite what is being said tells you everything you need to know.

• Play the cool-cat. If there is no reaction – there is no energy to distort!

• Release Victimisation: Am I blaming any of these corruptive dynamics for any of my life circumstances (e.g. debt)? How might I flip this?

• Am I truly honouring my personal purpose and reflecting my Soul blueprint qualities that fulfils me right now?

In short, it ALWAYS starts with us and our choices, moment by moment.

The reason much of this corruption has come to light is because many of you HAVE been relentlessly doing the inner work and commanded truth and authenticity for so many years, which has raised the vibration and consciousness of the planet and brought this stuff to light…CONGRATULATIONS & THANK-YOU!

But it’s time to take that next step and really bring through more of that light that will continue to bring more stability and harmony to our planet.

And it’s important to note that “negative” Souls have the same availability of access to divine source energy than “positive” Souls…so who know’s how that will reflect out in the generations to come?

Global Sex Trafficking – Old Power Structures Crumbling