F E A R…

It’s that one word that triggers FEAR just by saying it!

It’s that one emotion that many would rather hideaway in a cave than to face it.

And those who choose to face it, then spend a lot of time trying to abolish it so that they never have to experience it.

But neither of these techniques work because fear is a human experience that EVERYONE experiences, regardless of who they are, their level of success, or how “enlightened” they are.

Fear is the polarity of love, courage, faith, even excitement, and if we were to “sanitise” fear, we also sanitise its polarity, and quite frankly, our human experience!

Fear itself is not the problem; it’s when we grasp onto it and let it stop us from living the fulfilling life we want.

But what if we were to look at fear differently?

What if we could define when fear is empowering versus disempowering, then manage accordingly?

Disempowering fear is when we allow limiting programming, beliefs, and past wounding govern our choices which may prevent us from moving forward in a particular area of your life. This is where healing and clearing work is highly beneficial because you get to the root cause to help facilitate the release and provide clarity in your next best steps.

Empowering fear is when you have already done the above, and you are taking new action outside your comfort zone towards your goals, and your primitive flight/fight mechanism activates – a.k.a. ‘Egoic Resistance’ – to protect you from a “threat”. The greater the up-level and action outside of your comfort zone, the more intense the fear response! For example, preparing for public speaking in front of 1000 people is going to feel a lot more intense than speaking in front of 50 people.

But the good news about empowering fear (and even terror!) is that it’s an indication that you have reached an energetic tipping point for a breakthrough. So the best thing you can do is CONTINUE TAKING ACTION.

Interestingly, getting more healing, clearing and self-examination during the empowering fear phase can hinder your progress. Why? Because you are ‘teaching’ your ego that you will be stopped by fear, which is why it gets harder to achieve a goal you have been working on for a long time through this stopping and starting behaviour. Losing weight is a classic example of this mechanism. Essentially, self-sabotage is your ego being good at stopping you at a critical manifestation tipping point. And this often comes from a misunderstanding of what fear is and how it does serve your growth!

If you are hours, even minutes from stepping on that stage in front of thousands of people, no amount of clearing work is going to help you! Nerves are normal! Just experience it for what it is, honour it, and remind yourself of the vision and goals that has you there in the first place!

And most importantly, EXPECT that fear will show up during any time you create a new goal and learn to work with it 🙂

“Good” Fear vs “Bad” Fear