I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of intuitive discipline lately – because if you are going to successfully master your inner authority, you must learn to master intuitive discipline…ESPECIALLY in this unique space of fifth-dimensional consciousness where SO much information is available to us!

The best way to master intuitive discipline is firstly, be very specific about the outcomes you want to create, and secondly, recognise distractions and “noise” that are not relevant.

What might this look like? Here are some of the major trends I see:

Looking for the meaning in EVERYTHING. When you understand that you are the powerful creator of your own experience, coupled with the teachings of universal laws and the role of synchronicity, it is very easy to fall into the trap of mulling over every experience you have. However, this can lead you down some very deep rabbit holes of introspection, a whole bunch of confusion and often no significant results in your life. Plus, it’s downright exhausting! Sometimes you sprain your ankle because you were tired, or you run into an ex because you like the same bars. That’s it. Focus on stuff that is relevant to your goals.

Endlessly looking for “Lessons”. A close sister to the above, and I find this especially in those who study any type of New Age modalities or regularly attend personal development events. While we need to get “conscious” on the choices we are making that have limited us so that we can make new choices to help create the results we want, we are not here for school. Sometimes the lesson is, “Stop dating douchbags” or “Stop applying for jobs you don’t want” or saying “Bye Felicia” to that unreliable friend! You don’t need to delve “why” you remain in an undesirable situation. Just ACT! Course correct your actions to reflect WHAT YOU WANT. It really is that simple. Both this and the first dot point are great ways to get yourself stuck in analysis paralysis – so if you find yourself here – get back to the basics.

Going off into fantastical tangents. Unless you are a creative writer or an artist, you must always apply reason and logic to your intuition, and it must be applicable to your every day life, otherwise you risk becoming very ungrounded. While it’s fun to explore magical and mystical possibilities, there are a lot of people chasing some of these ideas (and often times, borderlines escapism) at the expense of “living” or getting out of their comfort zone to help achieve their goals, and some even find themselves broke and struggle with day-to-day activities.

Spiritual Speak. Especially for those who have been on the path of self-mastery for a while, do you find that your overall language has changed? Does some of it feel a little unnatural? The whole idea of self-mastery is to BE more of you, and that includes unapologetic self-expression, no matter what is going on in your life. Yet, I am noticing in a lot of people speaking or write in such a way that is so unnatural and incongruent to their divine self-expression, almost like they are puppets. I am noticing is a sanitising affect among many people where sometimes I feel like I am talking to a mythical creature! Allow your personality to shine through and celebrate your wholeness and let your passion errupt! This is true integration of intuition, mind, emotions, which drive ACTION!

Filtering. Only responding to the “good” intuitive messages, not the inconvenient truths or insights that see you having to get out of your comfort zone or cause potential disruption or conflict with others.

Mind your own business. Also a biggie…You are ONLY responsible for your own self-mastery, not your friends, family, romantic partner, or even work colleagues! “Tuning in” to other people private energies without their permission is energetic invasion – and I’d go as far as saying energetic rape. Yet, this is becoming more common as people think they are helping someone “in need”, which, by the way, is a judgment in itself and not upholding that person as the powerful creator of their own experience. Sure, someones “vibe” (their energetic resonance) is public and can be interpreted by anyone with any level of self-awareness, but going beyond that is being nosey, and giving other people unsolicited intuitive advice is also intrusive (and by the way, inaccurate – because you are doing this out of your ego’s interest). If you are too “open”, you need to work on your boundaries. Consider the 3D version of this – imagine if every night, someone is sitting in their car parked out the front of your home keeping an eye on you…creepy huh! And that will be reflected in those people whom you might be tuning into, they will feel awkward and uncomfortable around you. And if you feel this happening to you, don’t be afraid to tell that person they are invading your boundaries.

Intuitive discipline, like everything else, requires focus. It also requires common sense and logic, because we still need to add our intellectual wisdom so that we take the necessary action to create the results in our physical reality. Thats why we are here after all!

How is your Intuitive Discipline?
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